3 Celeb-Endorsed Eco-Friendly Natural Beauty Products Worth the Hype


I will admit, when it comes to natural beauty products, I often resort to celebrities for my knowledge fix. While they do have the reputation of promoting not-so-natural beauty techniques (ahem, cosmetic surgery), many stars are staunch advocates of going au naturel. Hence, the following list of finds for the latest and greatest natural beauty products.

1. David Babaii for WildAid

Kate Hudson led me to WildAid. The actress has teamed up with hairstylist David Babaii to create DAVID BABAII FOR WILDAID haircare products and styling tools. The products are free of sulfates, parabens, animal products and animal testing and include exotic ingredients, such as volcanic ash from the Vanuatu Islands in the South Pacific, mango extracts, rosemary leaves, blue algae, wild orchid, cupuacu butter and white ginger. A portion of sales from the products go to benefit the global wildlife conservation non-profit organization WildAid, which seeks to preserve wildlife by working with governments and local communities. The 10-piece set contains shampoos, conditioners, pomades, mousses, hairsprays, hair dryer and flat iron. Products are between $12 and $15, while the tools are about $120 each.

2. RestoreSea

Recently, it was announced that Gwyneth Paltrow would be the face for RestoreSea. The brand’s founder, Patti, creates anti-aging skincare with the use of Aquabeautine XL, a natural enzyme released by salmon into the water at birth that allows them to safely emerge from their eggshells. This enzyme helps to create products that only exfoliate dead skin cells, allowing living cells to thrive. RestoreSea boasts that it is environmentally friendly, because it collects and filters the Aquabeautine XL enzyme from the post-hatching waters of salmon, harming no fish in the process.

3. Éminence

I recently came across Éminence and soon realized I was late to the party. It seems like every celebrity and model has hit up these products at some point (at least according to the website), but for good reason. Éminence proudly derives its products from Hungary, where the company began more than 50 years ago. Like back in the day, Éminence still hand-picks and hand-mixes its ingredients in small batches and combines them with thermal hot spring waters to create potent healing and beautifying products. the company uses sustainable farming practices and creates organic products. It is active in reducing its carbon footprint, from harvest to production to packaging. The company is enlisting wind and solar power energy to make its products and additionally uses recyclable packaging, vegetable-based inks in printing, and FSC certified post-consumer recycled paper. For its Beyond Organic line, Éminence utilizes bio-dynamic farming practices.

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