Sexy Natural Hair: Intelligent Nutrients’ Smart Science


High-performance, organic, food-grade, cruelty-free, natural hair care raising the bar for beauty.

Award-winning hair-stylist, organic farmer, and socially- and environmentally-conscious beauty entrepreneur, Horst Rechelbacher has dedicated a lifetime to raising the beauty bar into a new paradigm.

“You’re beautiful, healthy, and alive. Let’s keep it that way.”

Rechelbacher, the original founder of Aveda, pioneered plant-based beauty at a time when the concept was completely revolutionary. Aveda not only used plant-based ingredients in its products but was the first beauty company to package products in one hundred percent post-consumer recycled PET, as well as the first beauty company to produce with one hundred percent wind power. In 1997, Rechelbacher sold Aveda to Estee Lauder for $360 million, and has since moved on to even greener pastures.


The culmination of a lifetimes work in beauty, a passion for organic farming, and a curiosity in plant-based medicines, has led Rechelbacher to create the chicest and most ethically sound beauty company on the market, Intelligent Nutrients.

Intelligent Nutrients is an organic, one hundred percent food-based beauty company with an ethos that stands behind the philosophy that beauty is natural and natural is beautiful. Certified by a plethora of 3rd party certifiers, the brand is USDA Certified Organic, The Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, Harmonically Made, Soil Association Organic Standard, Cosmos Organic and Leaping Bunny certified.

Rechelbacher ensure the ingredients he sources are up to his standards by producing them himself on his off-the-grid organic farm in Osceola, Wisconsin which runs on wind, solar, and geothermal power. Moreover, the products are packaged in one hundred percent recyclable materials.

Nearly every product for the line contains Intellimune, Intelligent Nutrient’s own blend of five powerful seed oils: black cumin, pumpkin, red grape, raspberry and cranberry. The super-antioxidant, cold-pressed seed blend fights off free radicals and encourages healthy cell growth within the body. The company not only adds the blend to almost every product but also sells the blend in oil form.

“Intelligent Nutrients practices true, scientific technology to create products that are truly sustainable, effective and a pleasure to use. What is the chemistry, energy, toxicity, nutritional value, medical integration—these considerations go into every product we make.”

images from the brand

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