3 DIY Wine Bottle Crafts: Turn Trash into Gorgeous Home Decor


Wine bottles are great at what they do – they hold the elixir of love, laughter and life and I wouldn’t change a thing about that. And wine bottle crafts bring new meaning to these sacred vessels.

But, as we all know, wine can have a huge turnover rate in the household and the recycle bin fills up with bottles that could otherwise be reused around the house in both a functional and aesthetic way. The following 3 wine bottle crafts will bring new meaning to being a “wino.”

3 DIY Wine Bottle Crafts

1. Candle Holder


There are two ways to go about turning a wine bottle into a candle holder. The first is quite easy. The second requires a bit more effort and is not the most failproof.

Method one: Wash the bottle and slide a candle into the wine bottle hole. You can carve the candle so that its diameter is fitting. As you light the candle and let the wax drip, it creates a trail of wax along all sides of the wine bottle’s throat. It looks very rustic and adds a unique charm to any setting.

Method two: This method requires some elbow grease, and in my experience, slight uncertainty. Either way, it’s worth a shot, and you will be quite proud of the resulting candle holder. Using the entire length of a bottle as the base to a candle is quite high and a bit inconvenient. To remedy this, it helps to cut the bottle in half, or at any particular area so as to reduce its height to your liking. To do this, score a consistent line around the bottle at the height you desire to cut the bottle. Do this repetitively, applying deep pressure. Next, apply heat to the scored lines. Hold a candle light to the scored lines or pour boiling water over them. Concentrate the heat around the line, only. After about 10-15 minutes of applied head, immediately put the bottle under cold running water, turning it so the entire scored line is covered. Continue to do so until you hear a “pop”. The bottle will split into two pieces. The top portion can be used as a smaller candle holder to that mentioned in method one, or you could use the top as a pedestal for the bottom half, fit for holder larger candles – simply glue the tip of the top of the wine bottle in the indent at the bottom of most wine bottles.

2. Vase or Cup


The bottom of the split wine bottle can be used as a vase for flowers or a growing space herbs. Fill them up with soil and watch seeds grow. The bottom also makes for a solid cup – just make sure the edges are smoothed and sealed and not in the position to harm your mouth while drinking. You could also just use the entire wine bottle as a vase for long-stem flowers, such as roses. Paint the bottles to your liking to add an affect that complement the décor of your home.

3. Grain & Spices Storage Decoration


It may seem odd to fill wine bottles up with grains, especially when the hole is quite narrow, but it actually works quite well and helps to decorate a room at the same time. Fill grains, spices and even olive oil in used and washed wine bottles. Display them in your kitchen so that they have both a functional and an aesthetic purpose.

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