The Perfect DIY Gift: Mason Jar Photo Candles

Think outside of the frame.

Ask a certain family member what they want for Christmas (that would be, mom), the reply is almost always, “a framed photo.” But who says your photo has to be in a frame on a wall or shelf? Here’s an idea: transfer your favorite photo onto a jar, turn that into a candle and gift it.

You might even want to try using photos of dinner guests to create a surprising centerpiece. Plus, it is another way to reuse jars from pasta sauce and salsa.  This DIY is rated: easy, if you have a computer and printer.

1.) Measure the circumference of your jar.

2.) Use a graphic program on your computer to layout your photos in a strip that will wrap around the entire jar. Individual photos work well, too.

3.) Print out your photos on clear shipping labels that are 8.5 x 11. These labels are easy to find and affordable. You can use black and white or color photos.

4.) Trim out the photos.

5.) Wrap the photo label on the jar or simply place on single photos.

6.) Drop in a candle. Light.

The result is a warm, vintage glow everyone will love.


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