11 DIY Alternatives to Traditional Christmas Trees

Why fell another conifer when you can deck your halls with an alterna-tree?

It takes on average, about a decade for Christmas trees to reach the ideal height only to be kept on display for a few weeks before being hauled off to the dump. There are artificial trees of course but they lack the smell we crave of sweet pine forests in winter. Fear not, there are still ways to satisfy your real-tree addiction.

First thing to note: not all trees are bad. You can buy, or even rent, a live Christmas tree in a pot, which keeps all year and gives the gift that keeps on giving: oxygen. Or you could try sprucing up a ladder…

Shaping found objects into a hanging perma-tree…

Embroider or tape a tree…

Recycle a tree, quite literally. (This one is made up of 100 recycled bicycle parts.)

Go hiking and drag a branch home with you, or uncoil a wire into the shape of a tree.

You’re better than the real thing. In fact, you’re a trendsetter – run with it.


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Images: TW Collins; Inspiration for HomeJane Shouten; Free People blog; Tilly & Fran; Bloesem; Inspiration Green; Hege Greenall-Scholtz