3 Empowering Gifts For Girls Moms, Friends, and Aunts Should ‘Remake’

If stores won't carry these gifts for girls, people will make them.

There are a lot of cool toys and gifts for girls out there, but sometimes, the choices at stores are limited. If you want to diversify your daughter’s toy chest, we’ve got some DIY gifts for girls that any little lady would love to play with.

Marvel (among other toy producers) have yet to create a vast array of female superhero and character toys. So, one hardworking and incredibly creative mom took matters into her own hands and decided to make her daughter a one-of-a-kind Black Widow doll. Her kid liked it so much, she made a few other DIY female superhero dolls, too. That mom’s inspiring actions lead us to think up a few more gifts for girls that are not store-bought, but totally inspiring.

1. Store Bought Doll vs. DIY Doll of Your Choice

If you want to gift your kid a doll that can’t be bought in a store (we’re thinking a real superhero here — maybe Malala Yousafzai or Rosa Parks), recruit yourself, or a creative sister or friend, to hit up the local craft store. Get some dolls and paint, and make a gift that is in that hero‘s likeness.

2. Garden Tool Set vs. Female Farmer How-To Gift Pack

Yes, there are plenty of garden tool sets out there, but none of them come with added inspiration for budding girl farmers. So, what’s a mom or grandma to do? Invest in a colorful garden tool set (we like that Growums features boys and girls on its kits), include a book about girls who farm in the gift, and add on a trip to a local organic farm that features female farmers. (A great place to find female farmers is at the local farmers’ market.)

3. Princess Bag vs. “Explore Your Interests” Book Bag

Girls need to know that they can study whatever they want. And while no one at school is telling your daughter or friend’s kid that she can’t be a scientist, the CEO of a fashion house, or the president, girls aren’t always encouraged to study things that allow them to rise to the top. Encourage the little girl you know to do whatever she wants by buying her a gender-neutral color book bag that’s filled with books about girls doing amazing things. If she picks an interest, such as construction, put together a starter carpentry kit, and get building.

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