9 Fun Things You Shouldn’t Stop Doing Just Because You’re a Grown-up

9 Fun Things You Shouldn't Stop Doing Just Because You're a Grown-up

Fun things grown-ass women should always enjoy in life.

Everywhere I turn, someone’s written a new article on things you should stop doing by the time you turn 25, 30, or 40—and still others that basically say “if you haven’t done these things/worn these things/experienced these things by 25, 30, or 40… well, you’re a loser.”

I don’t read these articles for three reasons: One, they’re depressing; two, my family would be out of a job; and three, after you stop doing the things they tell you to stop doing, then what? Watch wrinkles form? I’m not about to carry around some random checklist to make sure I’m doing my 30s right.

It’s because of these so-called “rules” that so many of us have forgotten the little things that make being a woman great—the things we were shitting-our-pants-excited about as girls, but then when we finally became women, we let our responsibilities ruin everything like a red sock in a load of whites.

Here are 9 fun things that should totally make a comeback on your calendar:

1. Do jump in puddles

Contrary to popular belief, jumping in puddles never stopped being fun. We did that all on our own. Besides, I’ve got two words for you: Designer rubber boots… wait, that’s three.

2. Do have sleepovers

Didn’t Jenna Rink teach us anything?

3. Do doodle his name on your homework

You might not necessarily have any scented glitter gel pens on hand, but the fact is this is one of the key reasons guys exist.

4. Do eat what you want

Back in the day, you didn’t know what a calorie was—your only mission in life was to annihilate the entire box of Dunkaroos like a mini-girl boss.

5. Do play dress-up

We’re way better at picking out our clothes and putting on our makeup, yet many of us have lost our appreciation for it. It’s supposed to be fun, not a necessity. Go for that bold red lip or lime green shoes. You know you want to.

6. Do get excited

Remember how crazy-exciting it was to have a new outfit to wear to school or go on a road trip, so much so that sleep the night before just wasn’t in the cards? Now, we buy new outfits and it’s weeks before we take the tags off and the only road trips we go on are to the grocery store. Get your spark back by making sure something awesome is going to happen tomorrow. Like, right now.

7. Do get dirty

Okay, so the context of getting dirty changes when you’re a grown-up, but still. Grrr, baby.

8. Do say what’s on your mind

You turning down a guy at age 10: “Ew, gross!” You turning down a guy at age 30: “Um, well, you see, I’m just so busy… and a lesbian.” In some areas, we don’t get smarter with age.

9. Do put yourself first

I’m not saying become a selfie stick-wielding narcissist, but start prioritizing yourself as much as you do the people you care about. Become the “you” your 10-year-old self always wanted you to be.

What fun things would you add to this list?

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