3 Hot, Sustainable Swimsuit Brands Worth Buying This Summer

Sustainable swimsuit brands carry cute and eco-friendly suits.

Question: Who should wear a swimsuit? Answer: Everyone! No matter your body type, you should feel more than comfortable wearing a swimsuit this summer. But where can one find a swimsuit that’s actually worth putting on?

We’ve searched and found 3 sustainable swimsuit brands that carry cute suits that “suit” anybody. So, body shamers, click away. This post is for all body types.

Sustainable swimsuit brands making online buying and trying on easy.

Image via the brand

1. Cocodune

Cocodune’s mission is simple: “to help modern women discover their perfect fit without the hassle—at the right price, all from the comfort of their own home.” Hmm, we dig the sound of that.

All of this brand’s swimwear is designed to keep its shape from morning to night. That means you should be able to catch waves all day without your suit slipping, sliding, or bunching. The brand’s suits are made with “one part upcycled materials and one part extra-light Lycra, instead of using Spandex, which 99% of swim brands use,” Matthias Metternich, the company’s founder, says. Because of this combination, “you end up with something that’s soft as silk, yet holds its shape and color four times longer,” Metternich adds.

The company also has a very open return policy, plus a “concierge” service that will break down the fit of each of its suits. Still not sure about a suit? Try Cocodune’s “Home Try On” process. Sizes XS through XL.

Sustainable swimsuit brands come in all shapes and sizes.

Image of the brand via Instagram

2. Giejo

Gabby Sabharwal, Giejo’s founder, wanted to create a brand of swimwear that wasn’t too skimpy or expensive—she also wanted her prints to be sustainable. She succeeded.

This American-made brand fashions all of its swimwear out of vintage and reclaimed textiles sourced from New York City’s Garment District, so, all of its designs are limited. “Once the fabrics and designs are finalized, the swimsuits are produced in small batches in New Jersey, which means less waste, less energy, and less leftover stock,” Vogue reports.

The brand features a variety of prints that can be mixed and matched to fit your specific fashion profile. Sizes XS through L.

Sustainable swimsuit brands have fun prints.

Image of the brand via Facebook

3. Vaute Couture

This all-vegan fashion line recently jumped into the deep end of the swimsuit-making pool—this is the first year the brand is making and selling its sustainable, vegan suits.

“Once we found we could make swimsuits out of recycled carpet fibers, it was a great match for the Vaute fashion formula—which is function plus ethics plus fashion,” Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart, the company’s owner, says.

The suits come in a variety of fits in styles—everything from funky two-pieces to one-pieces with sexy cutouts. All of the suits are cut and sewn in New York City’s Garment District. Sizes XS through XXL.

Note: We searched for sustainable plus-sized swimwear, but couldn’t find much. One plus-sized brand we did find was Swimsuits For All—but the bummer is, these suits are not sustainable. So, if you know of a brand that sells sustainable plus-sized suits, please send the information our way!

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