3 Must-Have Luxury Vegan Fashion Looks for Fabulous Cruelty-Free Style

3 Must-Have Luxury Vegan Fashion Looks for Fabulous Cruelty-Free Style

Luxury vegan fashion lovers rejoice, because cruelty-free organic fabrics, vegetable dyes, and upcycled materials can also come with a hearty dose of opulence.

Sustainable sources, creative repurposing, and keen attention to detail are just a few of the awesometastic features boasted by these eco-loving vegan fashion masterminds. But are they enough to justify the high cost of compassionate couture? You betcha!

From ready-to-wear staples from Delikate Rayne, to the trendy and whimsical footwear from Olsen Haus, whatever your taste there’s bound to be something that floats your boat and matches your ethics as well.

You may already know the consequences of leather and animal derived materials – but for those who might not, you absolutely must watch this. (I’ll wait!) Now you’re ready for cruelty-free fashion, aren’t you?

In the spirit of making conscious yet stunning fashion choices, let’s take a look at three of the latest luxury vegan fashion trends for office, evening, and weekend that are sure to leave you looking pristine and feeling guilt-free.

1. Vegan Fashion for the Office

Business casual has never looked so chic. Classic office basics are back with a vengeance in breathable, flowing fabric tailored in all the right places. The workplace isn’t always ideal for taking fashion risks, so be sure to play up your personality with some cruelty-free accessories. Appoint neutral elements as the star of the show to make your investment even more advantageous, while simultaneously opening up opportunities for some striking statement pieces.

Made from chiffon instead of silk, this elegant asymmetrical blouse from Delikate Rayne doesn’t have to cause undue suffering for the sake of beauty – not to mention how stellar it looks with Stella McCartney’s fabulously flattering Vivian trousers. Topping off this sweet outfit with a killer accessory trio from three of the greats in luxury vegan fashion is the icing on the office break room cake.

3 Must-Have Luxury Vegan Fashion Looks for Fabulous Cruelty-Free Style
Luxury Vegan Fashion for the Office

White Asymmetrical Blouse from Delikate Rayne $313; Vivian Trousers in Black from Stella McCartney $610; Bold Origin Stud Earrings in Bronze from Tiffany Kunz $99; Ayva Poppy Clutch from Matt & Nat $150; Striped Mini Heel from Marais for Moo Shoes $140

2. Luxury Looks for the Evening

Aside from the classic LBD and the reemergence of dressy shorts, jumpsuits are all the rage this summer. For a simple and effortless look, try wearing this onesie with a strategically placed belt, a colorful pair of pumps, coordinating clutch, or a fabulous necklace. Next, whip your tresses up into a messy high bun, smudge on a smoky eye, and flash that gawgeous smile in order to complete your new head turning ensemble. Choose a sweetheart neckline to accentuate the girls, or opt for a peplum style suit that creates the illusion of wider hips.

Cruelty-free luxury vegan handbag designers, Matt & Nat, boast superior quality and attention to the little things, like the logo-embossed cork tag found on this citron clutch. With its commitment to sustainability, it’s easy to see how the company has become so popular among the animal and earth loving types. Heck, even the brand name is short for Mat(t)erial and Nature. Pair the saucy citrus clutch with this sexy Stella McCartney jumpsuit alongside some other bold accessories and you’ll be sure to turn heads everywhere you go!

3 Must-Have Luxury Vegan Fashion Looks for Fabulous Cruelty-Free Style
Luxury Looks for the Evening

Naomi All-In-One Jumpsuit from Stella McCartney $4,095; Australia III Earrings from Deux Lux $85; Daisy Citrus Clutch from Matt & Nat $80; Nama Brass Teardrop Statement Cuff from Raven + Lily $104; Spark Teal Wedge Faux Suede Platform Shoe from BC Footwear for Moo Shoes $70

3. Casual and Chic for the Weekend

When you’re still working for the weekend, it’s imperative to have a wardrobe worthy enough to match your brief bout of freedom. Fortunately, sweet, hippie-chic looks are practically begging women to play up their natural beauty in order to compliment these casual ensembles – meaning less time getting ready and more time having fun. Yay! Maxi skirts, distressed jean shorts, crop tops, graphic tanks, rompers, and strappy sandals are here to stay. Try soft beachy waves, a smattering of blush, and some tinted lip gloss to top off your look.

This adorable bunny tank from Vaute Couture has somehow managed to combine compassion, comfort, and cuteness in this laid back racer that is simply perfect for a weekend romp. Created by the stunning Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, Vaute Couture has also made a commitment to supporting animal rescue groups, like the Rabbit Rescue & Rehab located in New York City.

Combine the rest of these great pieces from other conscious designers and retailers, like MRKT for Moo Shoes and A Peace Treaty, and all you’ll have left to do is put your best foot forward in these vegan sandals from Olsen Haus. Thanks to another female-led business committed to compassion and sustainability in footwear, we can proudly bare our perfectly manicured toes in some of the coolest and innovative shoes this side of the universe. Materials like cork, upcycled industrial waste, recycled rubber tires, and a sweatshop-free production facility make this vegan company a force to be reckoned with.

3 Must-Have Luxury Vegan Fashion Looks for Fabulous Cruelty-Free Style
Casual and Chic for the Weekend

Pink Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Tank from Vaute Couture $35; Yazzie Stackable Rings from A Peace Treaty $124; Wildcat Skinny Ankle Grazer Jean from Stella McCartney $695; St. Croix Sandal from OlsenHaus $165; Jaedon Backpack in Honey Mustard from MRKT for Moo Shoes $119

Next time you’re in the mood to splurge, remember that the world of luxury vegan fashion is right at your fingertips, so free your conscience (and those animals!) with all the clothes, shoes, and handbags your virtual shopping cart can hold…or until your credit card is maxed out, whichever comes first.

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Image via Vaute Couture

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