3 Superb Subscription Beauty Boxes Made for Women of Color

Women of color: give these beauty boxes a try.

Beauty boxes are having a moment.

Any makeup, hair, and skin care lover can do a simple Internet search to discover multiple beauty box subscription services. While the beauty box industry used to be snowy white, it’s slowly becoming more inclusive.

Although there are a number of great beauty boxes for women of color on the market, the following beauty box brands have an extensive following.

1. HuesBox

HuesBox, founded by Jenae, Robin and Jasmine Harris, sells a beauty box that’s specifically made for men and women of color. The beauty box curators gather product suggestions from communities of color throughout the world. Hues differs from other subscription boxes because of that curated community.

“This is by people of color, for people of color—not just African Americans,” Robin Harris says.

“We’re talking about Asians, Hispanics and American Indians because it’s this missing component of other boxes that are out there.”

Not only do subscribers get access to beauty samples, but they also are tapped into a direct line that connects them to others in the Hues community.

Hues offers monthly ($15), three month ($45), six month ($78) and 12 month ($144) subscription services. Once you pick a subscription option, Hues prompts you with a series of questions about your health, beauty and wellness preferences. The answers you enter allow Hues to pick the colors, beauty advice and product types to send you.

2. Created Coily

Created Coily serves women with natural hair and is run by natural hair professionals. The organization curates products, such as shampoo, conditioner, butters, pomades, and oils that are sulfate-free.

The brand’s signature product, the Coily Crate, is themed and unique. Users can choose from two subscription options:

Quarterly Coily Crate: $85 every three months. Includes four Crates with products and styling tools. Subscribers also get to check in with professional stylists once a year.

Mini Crate Membership: $38 every three months. Four mini crates that include natural hair and body care tips, and more.

In addition to spotlighting great beauty supplies, the organization also conducts natural beauty workshops for women and men in hopes to empower subscribers.

3. GlowwBox

GlowwBox is similar to other beauty box brands except it’s specifically for women with darker skin tones. Each GlowwBox is sent out every month. Every Box contains six different products, specifically British and European hair, skin and makeup brands.

Products contained in the subscription come in a variety of sizes—trial, sample and full-sized—a policy that allows users to “truly try before you buy.”

Currently, GlowwBox has six and 12-month subscription plans. A monthly plan is £15 or about $19. The six-month plan runs close to $120, and the 12-month plan about $200. Shipping from the UK is £9.95 (about $14).

Do you have a favorite beauty box brand that’s specifically made for women of color? If so, let us know—we’d love to get reviews from actual subscribers.

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