3 Ways to Show Your Valentine You Care (Without Cheating the Planet)

A green lover's guide to Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Day is full of heartfelt gestures. Although some of those gestures are beautiful, others could damage another thing you love: Planet Earth.

So, we’ve come up with three ways you can show your partner you care that won’t sour your relationship with the planet.

1. Plant blooms

Red roses are gorgeous. But red roses also are expensive and are typically shipped in from another country. And because red roses are the Valentine’s Day show stopper, you can multiply those shipping costs by… a lot.

Instead of buying a dozen red roses, invest in a beautiful pot, some gardening gloves, potting soil, grow lights, and various rose seeds, or a rose start.

Although this gift isn’t traditionally beautiful outright, your partner will enjoy more than a dozen blooms in his or her favorite color once the flowers mature.

In addition to getting more bang for your buck, you could also plan a special day in late spring or early summer to plant the roses. Then, once the seeds or start grows and begin to bloom, you can have a relaxing date outside.

2. Go local

Sure, those stuffed animals that line your local drugstore shelves are cute, but they’re constructed overseas and made from less than sustainable components.

Get your lover a Valentine gift from a local shop, or a sweet treat from a local artisan. Your town most likely is filled with local artists who make intricate, heartfelt Valentine cards, beautiful, handmade jewelry and mouthwatering candies and cakes. After all, who really wants a basic tennis bracelet from a chain jewelry store?

3. Stay in

We’re talking no driving, no ordering take out, and no movie out. Keep your carbon footprint low by buying your Valentine’s day dinner and dessert ingredients when you do your weekly grocery shopping.

Then, on Valentine’s day, get a fire going, light some candles, turn off the lights and enjoy your partner’s company. Consider breaking out board games… or making your own Valentine‘s Day-themed game.

Take the time to reconnect with your favorite person sans electronic distractions. After all, time alone with your lover is never a bad thing.

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