30 Photos of Food Trucks

Food on-the-go.

In recent years, the food truck phenomenon has exploded, bringing cheap, tasty cuisine to parking lots, sidewalks, and street fairs around the country. Whether you love food trucks or hate them, you can’t deny their convenience and relative cost-effectiveness, particularly when they’re parked outside your office at lunch hour. Here, a look at some classic, cool, and completely wacky roaming restaurants from across America (and beyond).

(above) Steve’s Catering Homemade Chunky Fries, Toronto, Canada

Fojol Brothers Truck, Washington, DC

The Fish Box, Miami, Florida

Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck, Los Angeles, California

Mr. Good Stuff, Miami, Florida

Pyongyang Express, San Francisco, California

King’s Fries, Toronto, Canada

Mud Coffee Truck, New York, New York

Ludo Bites Food Truck, Los Angeles, California

Suzi’s Lunch Truck, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tamale Spaceship, Chicago, Illinois

Love Balls, Austin, Texas

Pi On Wheels, Washington, DC

Stephanie Taco Truck, Los Angeles, California

Good Dog Hot Dogs, Houston, Texas

Happy Kebab, Charlottenlund, Denmark

Fish & Chip, Toronto, Canada

Bernie’s Burger Bus, Houston, Texas

Honest Tom’s Taco Shop, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Divan Bakery and Coffee Truck, Dania Beach, Florida

Drift Truck, Edmonton, Canada

The Crispy Truck, Santa Monica, California

Burger Theory, Adelaide, Australia

Chimi Truck, New York, New York

Gyores Express, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cookie Time, San Francisco, California

Nineveh Assyrian, Olympia, Washington

Curbside Cupcakes, Washington, DC

Fahrenheit Truck, Cleveland, Ohio

Farmhand Foods, Durham, North Carolina


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Jessica Marati

Jessica Marati currently resides in New York City and covers travel and sustainability for EcoSalon. Catch her weekly column, Behind the Label.