4 DIY Headboard Ideas to Revamp Your Bedroom (Easy and Cheap!)

4 Cheap and Easy DIY Headboard Ideas to Revamp Your Bedroom

For a bedroom that could use a little TLC, here are four simple and cheap DIY headboard ideas that will have your bedroom looking designer for very few dollars.

If you’re anything like me then the urge to redecorate becomes stronger as the New Year approaches – out with the old and in with the new. But along with that notion comes the need to replenish bank accounts and get back into the rhythms of life. In other words, there’s not much cash flow or time to work with. Fortunately though, we’ve got you covered with these DIY headboard ideas that are seriously easy and affordable.

1. Revamped Wood Headboard

Hit the thrift stores, or pull that old headboard out of the garage and slap on a new coat of paint – the chalkboard variety that is. To start, lightly sand the headboard, wipe it off with a damp cloth, and when it’s dry, brush or roll on as many coats of the chalkboard paint it requires in order to evenly cover the wood surface. For extra flair consider adding a white border that highlights the silhouette of the headboard or any other shapes and designs that you don’t want to “erase” later. Now grab your chalk and start scribbling – leave a sweet morning note for your significant other, jot down your favorite inspirational quote, or dictate your sides with a “his” and “hers” above each pillow.

Find a cute chalkboard headboard example here.

2. Foam Tile Headboard

Whip up a simple, but highly impactful DIY headboard with some really inexpensive foam tiles and the great part is your DIY skill level can be practically zero. You can choose from a variety of styles – geometric, floral, antique, and more, organizing them into a square grid, or diamond pattern if you don’t mind doing some trimming, thanks to the already symmetrically printed designs since these are originally intended for the ceiling. They can be painted any color your heart desires (we recommend zero-VOC whenever possible), only cost like $3 apiece, and are actually applied directly to the wall using high strength double stick mounting tape. The result is effective, easy, cheap, and totally cool!

You can buy the tiles here and see an example plus tutorial here.

3. Painted Wall Headboard

Another super simple and highly affordable DIY headboard project, this essentially involves painter’s tape, brushes, rollers, paint, and creativity. Grab your favorite zero-VOC interior paint – order it in high gloss if you dare – and mask off a design behind your bed. This can be as simple as a rectangular, square, or circular shape, or as ornate as a chevron zig-zag, scrollwork pattern, or geometric design. For the ultimate finish on your solid rectangular or square designs, complete the perimeter of the painted on headboard with a wood trim border mounted directly to the wall. Not into painting? Then try an even easier, but slightly more expensive precut headboard sized decals that are simply applied directly to the wall behind your bed.

Find a modern example and a helpful tutorial for the painted headboard here.

4. Fabric Curtain Headboard

This simple DIY headboard has a few options, but we’ll be discussing two for the purpose of this post. You can start with a wall-mounted curtain rod hung parallel to the mattress – either at a height flush with the ceiling or any number of feet below the ceiling line, but high enough to frame the bed and your pillows. Thread a few panels to get the desired fullness on to the rod, pop it up, and voila – quick and simple backdrop for your bed.

The second way to create this look, but with a canopy effect overhead, is with the addition of a second rod mounted directly to the ceiling a few feet out from where the headboard’s wall and ceiling meet. Purchase extra-long curtain panels and thread the rod mounted to the ceiling, then carry them back and behind the wall mounted rod (make sure this is hanging as high up on the wall behind the bed as possible) and let it drape down behind your bedding and mattress for a beautiful and dreamy effect.

Beautiful example and tutorial can be found here.

With a little inspiration and a few affordable tips, you’re now well on your way to creating a killer backdrop with our DIY headboard ideas for your bedroom. What did you think of our ideas? Any of these headboards on your must-try list? Share your thoughts and your DIY project photos with us on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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