Modular Furniture Ideas for Every Room in the House

Modular Furniture Ideas for Every Room in the House

Multipurpose furniture is beneficial in more ways than one, obviously. Utility, convenience, waste reduction, compactness, and originality are just a few of the reasons why we’re urging you to give these modular furniture ideas a try next time you’re in the market for new furniture.

According to municipal solid waste statistics from the EPA, 9,870 tons of furniture and furnishings were discarded in 2009. This figure accounts for not only primary use, but of secondary, or second hand use, as well.

It wouldn’t be fair for us to ask you to hang on to your beer-soaked sofa from your freshman year in college, but with a little planning, care, and conscious choices – you know, now that the keg parties are over – you could score some chic furniture with multiple uses that might be able to hang around for many years to come.

Not only is multi-use furniture better for the environment, you’re buying fewer new pieces and hopefully using them for far longer, but they’re also great for when you’re tight on space, or just don’t want to clutter your place with a lot of individual items. Plus, sometimes having a trick up your sleeve (think super cool desk that converts into a guest bed) will impress even the most indifferent irresistible of in-laws.

These modular furniture ideas are novel, but certainly not out of reach. In fact, if you’re extra handy, you can replicate some of these, or get really crafty and create your own multipurpose pieces using second hand finds and some DIY know-how.


Modular Furniture Ideas for Every Room in the House
La Vela II Pop-Up Night Stand

Whether it’s breakfast in bed you’re after, or a great workspace for those days when you just don’t feel like getting out of your pajamas, then look no further than the elegant and sophisticated La Vela II pop-up night stand. With a built-in table that rises to lap height, there’ll be no reason to ever get out of bed.

Living Room

Modular Furniture Ideas for Every Room in the House
Cosmos Coffee Table with Storage Ottomans; $599.99

If your guests seem to be playing musical chairs instead of relaxing in your company, then it may be time for some extra seating. This Cosmos coffee table with storage ottomans has got you covered. Not only is it stylish, but you have four empty holes to fill with stuff!

Easy DIY alternative: score a trunk with a flat top at a thrift store and you’ll have instant storage, a unique coffee table, and a great conversation piece.

Dining Room

Modular Furniture Ideas for Every Room in the House
Black Powder Coated Table from Fusion Tables

Okay, okay, so every now a then you still like to indulge in a keg party, or maybe it’s wine you prefer these days. Regardless of your beverage choice, I think we can all agree that one of the best ways to impress your grown-up guests is with this awesome dining table that also doubles as a pool table. After dinner, simply remove the top, rack your balls, and get ready to break. Designed by Fusion Tables, prices and retailers are available upon request.


Modular Furniture Ideas for Every Room in the House
Origami Kitchen Cart with Wood Top; $139.95

Maybe your kitchen is too compact for a large island, or perhaps you just need some extra counter space during the holidays. Well this little cutie is sure to meet your cooking needs. The popular Origami kitchen cart with wood top comes in four colors and easily folds down to fit in slender spaces, like the pantry. Use this mini island and its shelves all the time, or only when you need it – it’s as simple as that.

Easy DIY alternative: snag a second dresser with drawers, freshen it up with paint, add locking casters, hang a paper or dish towel holder, and install some wine glass hanging hardware for a creative, custom multipurpose kitchen island like the one seen here.


Modular Furniture Ideas for Every Room in the House
Adam Tavolo Queen Size Wall Bed

Always wanted a gorgeous desk that could double as a guest bed? Bam! Meet the Adam Tavolo queen size wall bed. This is everything you could want in a chic, modern office and then some. Prices are available upon request, but you’ll surely want a quote after scoping out the rest of their gorgeous pics on the Resource Furniture website.


Modular Furniture Ideas for Every Room in the House
Slice Wall Mounted Shelf from CB2; $149

Let’s face it, we can never have enough storage, which is why these multipurpose gems would be great mounted above the toilet. Not only will these floating shelves display useful and decorative items, but they’re also equipped with flip-down doors allowing you to store even more bathroom odds and ends. Get the Slice wall mounted storage shelf from CB2.

Now that you’ve taken a peek at some of our favorite modular furniture ideas, we want to hear from you! Do you have a favorite from our list? Do you already own modular furniture? What are some ways you try and keep furniture out of landfills? Sound off on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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Image of Convertible Bed via Resource Furniture

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