Trend Alert: Add Stunning Art Deco Style to Your Space

Add art deco style to your home.

Add art deco style to your home with these easy DIY ideas.

Everything old is made new again and this year that’s the case with a resurgence of the art deco trend in home decor. Let’s face it, art deco never really went out of style (good design never does), except during the austerity of the WWII era. This season we are seeing a  strong resurgence of art deco style in the home decor world.

If you find yourself reading home decor mags and perusing home decor shops online, you will be seeing plenty of art deco home pieces for sale. Don’t be persuaded though, you can be eco-conscious and on-trend too with these projects for adding some do-it-yourself art deco style to your home.

15 DIY Projects to Add Art Deco Style to Your Space

  1. Gold Moon Wall – Paint a gorgeous golden moon as an accent wall for some art deco style.
  2. Art Deco Vanity Tray – This easy project is a simple way to incorporate some art deco style into your room.
  3. Elegant Art Deco Candle holders – This simple project involves rubber bags and matte paint to create art deco votive holders.
  4. Mirror Stickers – Use mirror stickers to create a stunning art deco effect.
  5. Geometric Wall “Paper” Stencil – Make your own art deco template to create an art deco wallpaper effect.
  6. Mirror Tile Stairs – Add mirror tiles to the front of your stair risers for an art deco look.
  7. Statement Wall With Paint Pens – Another great way to create the wallpaper look with the work, but with paint pens.
  8. DIY 3D Paper Sculpture – Make this ombre effect 3D paper sculpture.
  9. DIY Herringbone Wall Art – This tutorial shares how to make a cool metallic herringbone wall artwork.
  10. Beaded Chandelier Project – Throw your own Gatsby-esque parties under the light from this pretty beaded chandelier.
  11. Glitter Candle Holders – Shine a light on your art deco style with this idea for adding sparkle to plain candle holders.
  12. Art Deco Accent Table – Add some art deco style to a plain accent table with metallic paint.
  13. Art Deco File Cabinet – Deco-fy your office with this project.
  14. Beaded Sunburst Mirror – A simple project to create an art deco style mirror. You could do it in black and white for a striking look.
  15. Art Deco Dresser – Add painted designs to an old dresser to add some art deco design.

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