7 Deceptively Simple DIY Black and White Decorating Ideas

Black and white decorating ideas.

Add drama, sophistication and style to your home by decorating with black and white.

One of the hottest and most dramatic home decorating trends is using black and white to create a sophisticated space. The beauty of the trend is it can be done as easily or as involved as one desires. In addition, decorating with black and white is an easy way to create a high-end looking space on a budget.

Black and white decorating is not for the shrinking violet or the faint of heart. The trend makes a bold statement and creates dynamic interiors. The trend can be wholly incorporated, meaning you only use black and white with pops of bright colors, or you can add the trend to your existing decor to create dramatic accents. There are so many ways you can create black and white interiors–paint, wallpaper, textiles, accessories, accents, patterns and more.

7 Black and White Decorating Projects

  1. Wall Art – Add touches of the trend with wall art. These printable black and white printable canvas patterns are free and available in polka dot, houndstooth, stripes and triangles. Mix and match or use all the same pattern to create your own wall art.
  2. Painted Wall Headboard – Create a DIY headboard using black chalkboard paint and stenciled white details. Tres luxe!
  3. Painted Stripes – Go bold and paint your walls in black and white stripes. Using an accent wall or painting a long and narrow space work best with this technique.
  4. Pillow Accents – Either make your own or browse Etsy for some graphical black and white fabric pillows. It’s an easy way to get on board with any home decor trend.
  5. Painted Furniture– Bring an old dresser, coffee table or bookshelf back to life with paint. Mix things up and paint only the top black and the rest white, alternative shelves with paint, or paint legs black and leave the rest white.
  6. Duct Tape Chair – Add stripes or some other pattern to a white chair using black duct tape.
  7. B&W Lampshade – Transform a white lampshade into a work of art with nothing more than a stencil and a sharpie.

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