Fearless Home Decor: Mix and Match Patterns

Modern pattern mixing for your home decor.

Bring more fun into your home decor by mixing up your patterns.

Mixing and matching patterns can be a fun, clever and stylish way to show off your sense of style in your home decor. Pattern mixing has its downfall though. Done carefully, pattern mixing creates visual interest, done poorly and your home decor can come off looking like a carnival funhouse, and unless you are professional clown that is probably not what you intended.

Mixing patterns can be fun and allow your creativity to shine through your home decor. It’s a great way to mix styles, like retro polka dots mixed with modern stripes. It’s also a great way to showcase the tastes multiple family members, like nautical for you and florals for your partner.

There is a certain amount of fearlessness and joie de vivre in modern pattern mixing. Gone are the days of Laura Ashley florals and stripes, today’s plan for pattern mixing is to commit. Go big or go home because there is no room for the timid in today’s pattern mixing. The goal is to create a vibrant and inviting space that you love and your guests will love too.

How-to Tips for Home Decor Pattern Mixing

1. Mix Patterns of the Same Color

One of the easiest ways to mix patterns in your home decor is by using  different patterns of the same color. For example, navy stripes on the walls mixed with damask curtains would be very striking.

2. Texture is Your Friend

Mixing and matching both patterns and textures is exactly how the pros do it. Adding a variety of texture to your mixed patterned rooms can be a great visual clue to your visitors that you aren’t going for matchy-matchy.

3. Three is the Magic Number

There’s just something about having three different patterns that somehow works better than just utilizing two different patterns. Odd numbers just are more appealing. Plus, limiting yourself to only patterns feels a little more contrived and less natural.

4. Scale is Important

The size of the patterns you choose is important. Mixing up the scale of your patterns can help keep your home decor from feeling overwhelming.

5. Solids Can Bring It All Together

Finally, it is important to not go overboard. Grounding your home decor by mixing patterns and solids is key. For example, if your rug is patterned, consider a solid colored sofa. Conversely, if your sofa is patterned, then go with a patterned rug. It will be more aesthetically pleasing.

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