Houndstooth, Plaid, Pinstripe: The Menswear Pattern Trend for Home Decor (High Five!)

Menswear pattern trend - herringbone.

Menswear is invading more than just the women’s fashion world this year–it’s making a mark on the home decor world as well. Among the new year’s home trends, menswear inspired decor is among one of the hottest to be seen.

Traditional fabrics and patterns like herringbone and houndstooth, plaid and pinstripe never go out of style–they are classics. They do have a bit of a stodgy reputation though, but they are being re-imagined in new and modern ways in 2014.

Not exactly sure what is considered menswear? Wondering just how to incorporate the 2014 menswear trend into your home? Read on!


Menswear pattern trend - hounds tooth.

Image: Overstock

Houndstooth is a broken check pattern and is most common in black and white, but is found in other colorways as well. This black and white chair with its oversize houndstooth pattern is a classic example with a modern twist.


Menswear pattern trend - pinstripe.

Image: Osborne & Little

Pinstripe is a pattern featuring a solid color broken up by very thin parallel lines of a contrasting color. It makes for a very sharp suit. Pinstripe is also a great way to add a little pattern and visual interest without going crazy. It makes for an elegant neutral wallpaper.


Menswear pattern trend - herringbone.

Image: West Elm

Herringbone is related to the chevron pattern. It is a v-shaped pattern, but it features a break where chevron does not. Some describe it as a broken zigzag.  To use herringbone in a modern way, consider adding herringbone accessories, like this herringbone patterned mirror.


Menswear pattern trend - plaid.

Image: Ralph Lauren

Certainly the most well known pattern, but probably the most underestimated as well. You can choose a plaid that fits the type of room you want to decorate. Choose Tartan for some Scotch-inspired flair, Madras for a bit of preppy color or gingham for some lightweight fun.


Menswear pattern trend - check.

Image: Ikea

The check pattern features two bands of color–one horizontal and the other vertical to create a checkerboard pattern. The check pattern can add a bit of whimsy when mixed with other patterns, like florals.


Menswear pattern trend - argyle.

Image: Anita Roll Murals

Argyle is a pattern features diamond shapes and inter-crossing lines. Most people probably think of argyle socks, but the pattern can be used in unexpected ways in your home–like the argyle accent wall above by mural artist Anita Roll.

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