Create a Moroccan Style Home with These Gorgeous Destination Accessories

Moroccan styled home.

If you like a taste of the exotic, consider Moroccan style home decor. Cultures come together in this northeastern African country which is a blend of European, Arabic, and African influences. It’s a country rich in art, architecture, pattern and colors and offers so many rich choices as inspiration for home decorators around the world. 

Moroccan home styling has become a popular trend in home decor and design. Books (like Marrakesh By Design) and blogs (like the popular My Marrakesh) have popped up and magazines have even devoted pages and pages to the trend (like this gorgeous Moroccan spread in Elle Decor).

Patterns, colors, rugs and textiles are an important part of Moroccan design and it is these aspects on which home decorators want to focus the most. Patterned tiles are also integral in Moroccan styling and can be utilized in back splashes, as flooring or even used as decorative coasters. And while it easy to spread a pretty penny creating this style, if one has the means, it is also just as easy to add some Moroccan style to your home without breaking the bank.

Here are some inspirational ways to add Moroccan flavor to your home decor.

Mason Jar Lanterns

Moroccan lanterns.

Image: LIT decor

Make your own Moroccan style glass jar lanterns utilizing Mason’s Heritage blue jars,  glass paint markers (available at craft and home improvement stores) and search Pinterest for Moorish pattern inspiration. Add a handle for hanging or leave the handle of for tabletop candle holders for on your coffee table.


Moroccan styled mirror .

Image: Wisteria

Add some North African flavor with a Moroccan-inspired mirror (mirrors are an important part of this style) like this gorgeous antiqued example, or make you own for a lot less with this tutorial at Apartment Therapy.


Morrocan patterned rug.

Image: West Elm

Rugs are an integral part in creating Moroccan style, both to create warmth and to incorporate pattern and color. Bold, colorful patterns are the way to go in creating a modern Moroccan style room and this example inspired by Moorish tile is the perfect example.

Pillows, Poufs and Throws

Morrocan style pouf.


In creating Moroccan inspired interiors, comfort must play a key role. That means lots of pillows, poufs and comfy throws in bright, colorful patterns.


Image: Wilmalong

Throw these handmade pillows on your couch for a quick burst of Moroccan style.

Top Image: One Kings Lane


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