The Dude Would Approve: 8 Graphic Rugs to Tie Your Room Together


As “The Dude” knows, a rug can really tie a room together. The rug, like the walls, should really be of thought of as the foundation of your room—instead of as just an afterthought.  A good graphic rug can pull your design aesthetic together to create the kind of space you want. A bad rug…well, it can stick out like a sore thumb or throw a whole room off.

But, what’s your rug style and what kind of rug goes with your room? After all, unless you’re starting from scratch, you likely have existing pieces to work with. Here are 8 rug styles to fit both the most common and trending decorating styles right now, because we know you want your room to be tied together. 

1. Boho


Image: Anthropologie

If your style is Boho Chic, then you need a statement rug for sure. The brighter, the better. The more patterned, the better. This Flutter rug, inspired by brightly-colored butterflies, is right on trend.

2. Classic


Image: Restoration Hardware

This Modern Floral rug in sand would be a great fit for classically styled homes. It’s neutral colorway will work well in all rooms, both neutral or bold tones.  It has a low and even sheared pile that is inspired by vintage-classic carpets.

3. Contemporary

Contemporary Rug

Image: West Elm

Strong visual, graphic rugs surrounded by neutral furniture and accents is a tool utilized by contemporary decorators. This patchwork-patterned example illustrates that effect perfectly!

4. Farmhouse Chic

Farmhouse Rug

Enjoy a much more rustic look? Try this Log Cabin rug in shades of blue, burgundy, gold and rust to complete your farmhouse chic room. It’s all cotton too (for extra barefoot comfort).

5. Modern

Modern Rug

Image: CB2

Geometric-patterned rugs fit a modern space for sure. This example will pop next to your modern styled furnishings and accessories.

6. Scandinavian

Scandavian Rug

Image: Scandinavian Design Center

If Scandinavian style is your thing, two-color simple patterned rugs are the way to go. This lovely specimen from Brita Sweden is designed to be both gorgeous and functional, since it’s made from durable polyester.

7. Exotic/World

Exotic Rug

Image: Urban Outfitters

For those who have more of a exotic world view, this Batik Bird rug will fit wonderfully in your exotically styled room. The more color and pattern the better, right?

8. French Country

French Country Rug

Image: Distant Home

Finally, if you appreciate the French Country style, consider this checkerboard rug made with organic wool and all vegetable dyes. It’s stunning and sustainable!

Top Image: West Elm


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