9 Small Living Room Ideas to Squeeze the Most Out of Your Space

9 Small Living Room Ideas to Squeeze the Most Out of Your Space

Small living room ideas to help you live big in a small space.

Quaint. Charming. Adorable. These are just some of the ways your friends and family describe your itty bitty home—and since living small means making the most out of the space you have, you have to get creative.

Here are 9 small living room ideas to help make yours a little more spacious and a little less closet-like:

1. Keep windows simple

Nothing makes a room feel heavier than high-maintenance curtains made of frumpy fabrics. Dress up your windows with light, breezy curtains, or simple, chic blinds that don’t overpower the space.

2. Go matchy-matchy

This is one of those small living room ideas that falls under our radar (like, a lot): To add space where there is none, match the color of your furniture to your wall paint. The camouflaging effect makes the room look more… well, more.

3. Strategically place mirrors

To make your boxed-in living room look more spacious, hang a mirror across from your window: Doing so will not only create a focal point, but the mirror’s reflection of the outdoors will give the impression you have more than one window. Bam.

4. Work your way up

By emphasizing the height of the room, you’ll distract from its lack of square footage. Hang a cluster of pictures that reaches to the ceiling, and mount your window treatments at ceiling height too.

5. Add some plants

As far as small living room ideas go, incorporating lush greenery into your space is one that will always stand the test of time. Plants make even the tightest spaces feel homey and cozy, and are perfect for awkward spaces (like that weird corner you don’t know what to do with).

6. Buy multitasking furniture

Limit clutter by buying furniture with built-in storage, such as a sofa with drawers underneath or the classic ottoman/coffee table hybrid. The more ways you can make your furniture earn its keep, the better.

7. Show a little leg

Avoid buying furniture that’s bulky and boxy and sits low on the floor. Pick furniture that feels as light and spacious as you want your living room to be (one of the best ways to do this is buy pieces that have tall legs). Plus, doing so will make the area way easier to keep clean.

8. Clear things up

See-through furniture like acrylic chairs and glass coffee tables don’t take up any visual space. By switching out some of your current furniture for clear pieces, you won’t have to sacrifice fashion or function.

9. Think minimal

It almost sounds too easy to be true, but the simpler you keep your design (translation: the less stuff you try and cram into your humble abode) the bigger your living room will look. Go small or go home.

What are your go-to small living room ideas?

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