4 BPA, Melamine, PVC, and Phthalate-Free Feeding Gear Options for Kids

Pesticides, BPA and hormones abound in our food. And with all the work and research we put into eating organic produce and avoiding toxins at the dining table, parents should also make certain that their child’s feeding gear is non-toxic and BPA free, so chemicals don’t enter into food and a little one’s body via their plate, bowl, cup or utensils. Here are several kid-friendly, captivating options of kid’s serving ware that will make mealtime fun and safe!

Smiling Planet

Smiling Planet offers an array of plates and bowls that feature whimsical illustrations and inspiring statements. Kids will want to eat all of their supper to see the hidden messages and cheerful drawings waiting to greet them under their food. And the raised rim on the plates keeps food in place for even the messiest eaters. Smiling Planet plates and bowls are made in California from 100 percent recycled, medical grade polypropylene plastic, they are 100 percent free of BPA, phthalates, and lead, and their inks are non-toxic. Priced at $14.