4 Upcycled Jewelry Shops That Rock an Earth-Day-Every-Day Attitude

Upcycled jewelry

Everyone should buy a piece of jewelry every now and again. Next time you feel like adding a new sparkly piece of bling to your jewelry box, search for upcycled jewelry pieces first. To help you start your search, we’ve rounded up a few jewelry shops that specialize in making upcycled jewelry, taking the planet into consideration as well as style.

Upcycled jewelry: necklace

1. RomantiquarianDesign, an Etsy shop

While this shop sells quite a few different pieces, I was drawn to this upcycled Scrabble necklace. It features a vintage, wooden Scrabble piece that’s adorned with brass trinkets and chain. This item is priced at $24.50 and handmade.

Upcycled jewelry: earrings

2. Pearlreef, an Etsy Shop

Alas, most women can’t grow luscious facial hair. But if you purchase this pair of mustache earrings, you can easily display your love for dapper facial hair on your ears. These earrings are made from recycled bike tires and are priced at $8.

Upcycled jewelry: necklace

3. 31 Bits

31 Bits goal is to “empower people through the fashion industry.” The company’s jewelry is made from recycled paper fashioned into the shape of beads. Each piece is incredibly unique. Women in Uganda make the jewelry and earn an income that allows them to support their families.

The piece I’ve featured here is perfect for festival season. It’s called The Free Spirit and goes for $36.

Upcycled jewelry: earrings

4. Upcycledjewelry, an Etsy Shop

These earrings are perfect for the tech-loving gal. This piece is handmade and prominently features its main material: an upcycled circuit board. This piece is priced at $20.

Do you own any pieces of upcycled jewelry? If so, share what shop you snagged your pieces from in the comment section. We’d love to hear about other Earth-friendly businesses.

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Image: 31 Bits Facebook page

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