5 Bamboo Products We Love


In addition to being a strong and versatile material for making everything from flooring to vases, bamboo just looks be-yoo-tiful. Take a minute to drool over these five bamboo products that we just love, love, love.

Daryl Hannah’s Worm Bin

Ecorazzi spied this gorgeous 3-quart kitchen compost bucket at Daryl Hannah’s eco-friendly home goods website. It’s only 40 bucks and looks good enough to leave in the corner of the kitchen instead of hidden under the sink.

Lexon Coffee Set for Two


This coffee set from Lexon comes with two coffee cups, two tiny spoons and a swanky bamboo tray that also includes two slide out coasters – so you don’t have to worry about leaving a ring on your table. This set would look awesome on a bistro table because it’s just too pretty to stash in a cupboard until you need it.

Gaiam Bath Ladder


Here’s a handmade bamboo ladder that’s sealed with a moisture-resistant finish so it’s perfect for the bathroom. Drape magazines or plush towels over the rungs, or just lean it against the wall and let it be pretty all on its own.

Bamboo Flatware


Perfect for your next picnic, this whimsical flatware is way more environmentally friendly than disposable plasticware, and looks a heck of a lot better, too. Crate & Barrel says it’s sturdier than hardwood so the serrated knife edge won’t get dull.

Staggered Bookshelf


This shelf would look spectacular in any room in your home. It’s offbeat enough to make it the focal point in your living room and versatile enough to hold everything from books to extra-tall vases.