5 Creative Reuses for Old Wine Corks


Of the 13 billion (!) bottles of wine sold each year, almost all of the corks end up in landfills. Sure, you could recycle your old wine corks through ReCORK America, which partners with SOLE to turn winestoppers into stylish footwear. And we certainly encourage you to do so.

But finding a new use for your old corks can be even more eco-friendly, because it means less manpower and transportation. Read on for ideas on how to re-purpose your extra corks.

Cork Board

We’re positively smitten with this trio of cork boards created by one resourceful DIYer. All it took were some old inexpensive frames, spray paint, a glue gun, corks, and a dash of ingenuity.


Pin Cushion

Once you’ve polished off a bottle of bubbly, put your champagne cork (or regular wine cork) to work as a pin cushion. No alternations needed!


Table Leg Stabilizer

We all have that table leg that inexplicably wobbles. Slice off a small piece of cork using an exacto knife, slide it under the leg, and you have an unobtrusive and non-scratching way to stabilize your table.



Protect your countertops from hot dishes by creating a trivet out of old corks. There are several different kits available online or you can follow these simple instructions.


Wine Charms

These wine charms give a playful nod to a glass’ contents. This blogger used stamps, small eye screws, and a strand of jute to tie it all together.


Image: andrewasmith