5 Cute Spring Jackets for When the Wind Blows: Friday Finds

Cute spring jackets come in handy when the weather doesn't cooperate.

Cute Spring jackets are a must in everyone’s closet. Why? Well, because no matter what year it is, or how warm the weather pattern has been, it will always be cold on Memorial Day, right?

Cute spring jackets, vegan

1. Vegan Leather Jacket

Leather wearers shouldn’t have all the fun — vegan gals want a piece of that “always polished, but totally bad-ass” fashion action, too. Enter: the vegan leather jacket. Sure, this type of jacket has got a bad rap in the past — there’s technically nothing wrong with the term pleather, it’s just not… pleasant — but modern day vegan “leather” is luxurious. Just look at the magnificent vegan leather jacket pictured above… it hugs the body, features all sorts of zippers and buttons, and has a functional hood. All this and it’s significantly cheaper than most leather jackets ($168). What could be better?

Cute spring jackets, denim

2. Denim Jacket

If I have my way, denim jackets will never go out of style… and I guess as long as I don’t subscribe to fashion trends and just go about wearing whatever the hell I want, I can achieve that goal. Anyhow! All denim lovers are in luck because it appears that denim jackets are just as rad as ever. We’re crushing on this piece because it only costs $26.99 and looks timeless. Also: look at those front pockets — there’s plenty of room for your phone, cards, money, and favorite lipstick.

Cute spring jackets, fashion

3. Eyelet Jacket

Need a coat that’s technically a jacket, but doesn’t really provide a lot of warmth, but does give off a lot of “it girl” fashion vibes? This is that jacket. It features a delicate eyelet pattern throughout as well as large, bell sleeves. It’s perfect for when you want just the slightest bit of nighttime coverage during that late spring, outdoor, midnight show. Priced at $168. Cute spring jackets, simple

4. Casual Jacket

Need something you can easily pull on when you’re barely awake on a chilly, Monday morning? Here you go… This jacket is priced at $24.99 and features a full, front zip. While it’s fitted, it provides enough give in its sleeves and midsection so you can easily wear slightly bulky pieces underneath it if the weather is colder than average.

Cute spring jackets, trench

5. Trench Coat

Everyone needs a trench coat because, basically, we all have wished we were sassy private eyes at least once in our lives. This trench coat is by no means covert… it’s bright orange, for goodness sake. But it does have that sleek, sexy look that every women’s trench coat features. This piece is priced at $50.99.

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