5 Spring Wardrobe Ideas to Transform Your Closet

Transform Your Closet with these 5 Spring Wardrobe Ideas

When the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, the last thing you want is an outfit that falls flat, which is why we’ve provided you with several wardrobe ideas that will help you revamp your closet just in time for spring. Take a peek below and get inspired!

1. Clean Sweep

A good rule of thumb is to only keep the clothes, shoes, and accessories that you’ve actually worn in recent months – this will help you know what you still need to round out the perfect spring wardrobe. However, when warm weather clothes have been tucked away for two seasons, then you may feel like you could be getting rid of something good. So, rather than fret over what to keep and what to toss, check out a few of our helpful tips below.

  • Ditch the outdated. Banish the seriously old looking duds and accessories that aren’t considered currently trendy or timeless – like blazers with shoulder pads and neon everything.
  • You’re waiting for the item to fit, because right now it’s too small, or you’re not tall enough, or it would look great if (insert stipulation here). Don’t hang on to things that aren’t quite right or are ill fitting, unless you can convert it.
  • You haven’t put it on in the last two or three spring seasons, or you always try it on but never actually wear it out of the house. This is probably a good sign that it can go.
  • The clothing, shoes, handbags, or whatever are completely worn out – it’s too faded, pilled, overly scuffed, or has holes, and not in the right places, then it’s time to parts ways.

2. Update Staples

After getting rid of the pieces that you no longer need, you may feel a little panicked about the state of your (barely there) closet, but never fear, because now you can really assess what you have to work with. If there are some spring essentials that you don’t own, then it may be a good idea to go ahead and buy the items to round out your current wardrobe before adding the fun stuff. Below are some common spring staples – just try to stick with neutrals when creating a solid base.

  • Great fitting dresses – sun, shirt, or maxi dresses
  • Breezy tops – button downs, tanks, and tees
  • Bottoms – skinny jeans, cropped pants, and shorts
  • Skirts – skater, A-line, and maxi
  • Outerwear – cardigans, a blazer, trench or rain coat
  • Shoes – ballet flats, wedges, heels, and sandals
  • Accessories – cross-body bag, backpack purse, sun hat, sunglasses

3. Repurpose Pieces

Sometimes you can get extra mileage out of items you may have normally worn during fall or winter, or out of items that you can actually wear multiple ways. We have a few ideas listed below on how to accomplish this.

  • Wear a lightweight scarf around your neck instead of a necklace or as a chic pool side headband.
  • Refashion oversized button downs, like denim, into belted shirt dresses and pair with flats or wedges.
  • Ankle boots can stick around even during spring. Wear them with denim shorts, dresses, and rompers.
  • Accessories and some clothing items are usually safe to keep around, especially when the colors and fabric weights are suitable for warmer months – suede skirts, flats, handbags, jewelry, cardigans, long sleeve dresses, and belts are generally good to go for springtime.

4. Converted Clothing

With the internet at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to find some really cool wardrobe ideas in the form of clothing hacks. You can totally transform or personalize a lot of the items you already have in your closet, with some not even requiring any sewing skills. A few of our favorite suggestions are outlined below.

  • Update old shoes. Scuffed heels can be glitterfied, pumps can be given new life with some strategically placed jewels, and other kicks, like flats or canvas shoes can see better days when recovered in a fresh material like a floral print or lace. Clipping on cute embellishments like a flower or bow can go a long way, too.
  • Turn jeans that are too short or outdated into cute cut off shorts. Take said jeans, or a pair of shorts you already own and give the back pockets some interest by adhering fabric to the pockets, perhaps from an old dress you’re about to toss out.
  • Dress up plain Jane bottoms by adding lace to the hem line of a mini skirt, pair of shorts, or a romper. Bedazzle your cuffed crops with fun embellishments and some heavy duty fabric glue.
  • Create cute tops out of old t-shirts. Tanks, crop tops, and racerback tees can be created with a pair of scissors, a little imagination, and a tutorial or two.

5. Sizzling Accessories

More than just the icing, good accessories are akin to the binder in a delicious cupcake recipe – in addition to providing pizazz, they also have the power to bring and keep your outfits together. We’ve rounded up a few ways on how to how to best utilize your accessories for spring and they’re listed below.

  • Floral prints are in for spring, so why not use accessories as the vessel. Floral faced watches, floral print bags, heels, and scarves are all great ways to rock the trend.
  • Mix vibrant hues with a neutral outfit. All white looks gorgeous paired with pops of color, like pink sandals and a lemony yellow handbag and a piece of statement jewelry that ties it all together.
  • Don’t skimp on the polish – think of your fingers and toes as a mandatory and easy to update accessory. Choose fun colors and patterns to really make your mani and pedi pop!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our wardrobe ideas on how to revamp your closet for spring. Whether you use what you have, convert a few thrifted pieces, or splurge on some new staple items, by applying our suggestions you’ll have a closet full of your favorite things. Let us know what you think on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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