7 DIY Ways To Turn Old Shoes into Cool Shoes (Again): On Trend


ColumnGet your mod podge ready ladies for these rad DIYs on how to revamp your old shoes and make them into modern cool shoes.

Extend any shoe’s lifetime and create your own style — with these foundational tutorials, the possibilities are endless. Dream, glitter and glue away.


1. Dolce Gabbana Embellished Shoe

Too much? Never. Have fun with this embellished shoe tutorial via love maegan.


2. Dipped Chanel Toe

Scuffed toes? Turn any shoe into a nod to mega-brand Chanel with these Dipped Chanel Toe via Stars for Streetlights.


3. DIY Maison Martin Margiela x Converse 

Just paint ’em white! If Maison Martin Margiela did it for Converse, why can’t you make your own cool shoes?! via Converse.


4. Doily Wedges

Ingredients: Mod Podge, Lace and Patience for these Doily Shoe (with great video tutorial) via Makezine.


5. Twinkle Toes

Click your heels together and transport them to a long lasting life of glitter and glam with Twinkle Toes via A Little Glass Box.


6. Comic Book Heels

POW! just took a whole new meaning with these Killer Comic Book Heels via iron spy.



7. Leopard Print

Lusting over a basic outfit with the perfect pair of cheetah shoes? DIY! Great video tutorial on how to get it just right via Maksimized and detailed description on how to draw realistic leopard spots via Mr. Kate.

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