Learn How to Make Your Own Clothes and Never Have Nothing to Wear Again!

Get started with learning how to make your own clothes.

Create a customized wardrobe by learning how to make your own clothes.

Whether from necessity or creativity, learning how to make your own clothes is a pretty cool alternative to buying clothes off the rack. Sure, there is a learning curve, but once you get over that hump, there’s a world of possibilities.

Some of us were lucky enough to learn how to sew from our moms or grandmothers. But even if not, that’s no matter, because today (in addition to adorable grandmothers), we have the Internet. Yes, grandma has been replaced–or at least in the world of crafting and DIY she has. It really is possible to find how-to videos, tutorials, and patterns for just about every kind of craft and DIY pastime out there. While you’re not going straight from having no sewing ability to competing in “Project Runway,” it is possible to develop your sewing ability and learn how to make your own clothes. And as your grandmother likely said, “Practice makes perfect!”

Whether you are looking to save money, can’t find clothes that fit right, or just have your own ideas, the first step to creating your own wardrobe is to learn the basics.

Learn How to Make Your Own Clothes Tutorials & Patterns

Craftsy – Craftsy offers over 130+ online sewing classes from beginner to advanced. While the classes are not all clothing related, sometimes it can help to start out with something a little more basic if you are a true beginner sewer. There is a fee for most of these classes.

Burda Style – Another great site to learn how to make your own clothes and to discover great patterns. Learn sewing basics and more advanced topics, like pattern-making, via picture or video tutorials, whichever fits your learning style or budget. They even offer a subscription so you can access every tutorial video for just a monthly fee. Plus, some of the patterns are available for free.

Creative Bug – Creative Bug is another subscription-based site that offers arts and crafts video classes in sewing, knitting, and more. Their videos capture the spirit of in-person teaching with instructors who have been featured in Martha Stewart Living, O Magazine, and Vogue.

Professor Pincushion – Professor Pincushion’s goal is to help beginners master the art of sewing via more than 100 sewing-related tutorials that cover everything from sewing basics to fun and original projects. There is both free and paid content.

Sew Mama Sew – Sew Mama Sew is a blog and sewing community founded in 2005. The site collaborates with outstanding bloggers, designers and authors to deliver fun sewing projects everyday. Not all the projects are clothing related, but they are free!

So Sew Easy – Features lots of free clothing patterns for everything from cheeky panties to a little black dress.

Now, this is certainly not an exhaustive list, but hopefully it’s a start to get you inspired to learn how to make your own clothes.

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