5 Ways to Rock Exotic Tribal Print Patterns in Your Wardrobe and Decor

Tribal print how to.

Everywhere we turn, the stylish among us seem to be rocking exotic tribal print. And with 2014 definitely turning out to be the year of the print, we thought we would share some of suggestions for how you too can work tribal prints into your wardrobe and your decor.

Whether you are a self-described bohemian or your look is more of a classically put together one, tribal-inspired prints and patterns can work for you. From Ikat to Navajo Chinle and from Aztec Ganado to Japanese Shibori, tribal print can be incorporated into every style.

Here are 5 tribal prints and patterns for inspiration to get you started. As Tim Gunn would say, “Make it work.”

1. Tribal Inspired Wallpaper

Tribal print how to.

Image: Akimbo

Wallpaper is one of the most dramatic ways to incorporate any print into your home and the Akimbo mix-n-match Collection is a stunning example. There are twenty-one gorgeous patterns and colorways to choose from in the collection.

2. Diy Trousers

Tribal print how to.

Image: apairandaspare

Don’t be afraid to DIY yourself and this great sewing tutorial for tribal print-inspired palazzo pants is a great way to get inspired to take the plunge. These look super fashionable and super easy to make. Be on trend this summer.

3. Exotic Print Pillows

Tribal print how to.
Image: hatchetmade

Throw on the exotic prints with accent pillows like this natural indigo shibori dyed linen pillow. Mix and match prints and colors for pile on the trend.

4. Patterned Nails

Tribal print how to.
Image: Live to Create Photography

One of the most creative ways to rock any trend is definitely with nail art. While many of us probably can’t achieve these designs without a trip to the nail salon that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it try beforehand. For the Aztec look, here’s a great tutorial and here’s another tutorial too.

5. Tribal Print Bedding

Tribal print how to.
Image: Anthropologie

Create an exotic slumber sanctuary with this Suzani pattern bedding. Sukani is a form of tribal textile made in central Asian countries like Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.




Top Image: TaneshaAwasthi

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