7 Modern Ikat and Tie-dye Home Decor Prints without A Hint of Hippie

Ikat print.

Ikat and tie-dye have both made a comeback–especially in the world of home decor. While I know many of you associate these patterns with hippies, and 1960s 1970s acid culture, today’s ikat and tie-dyes are fresh, modern and unexpected. I promise!

Wondering where these two prints come from exactly? Both are created using a resist-dyeing method. The word ikat is a Malay (one of the many Indonesian languages) word that means to tie or bind. It’s a traditional fabric weaving and dyeing technique that has existed for hundreds of years, dating back to at least to the pre-Colombian era. Tie-dye is also an ancient dying technique that involves binding, however the main difference is that ikat involves dying before the fabric is actually woven, whereas tie-dying is done with already woven fabric. As a result of the differences in technique, there are variations in the patterns created. 

So, how is it possible for these two ancient techniques to present as fresh and modern? I assure you it is possible.

1. Indigo Tie-Dye Napkin

Tie-dye home decor print.

Image: Furbish Studio

These gorgeous indigo napkins are a perfect example of modern tie-dye for the home. The monochromatic palette elevates the technique and indigo is such an elegant color.

2. Pretty Tie-dye Pillow

Tie-dye pillow home decor print.

Image: Wayfair

Want a fresh and elegant example of updated tie-dye? Perfect to freshen and brighten up the bedroom or living areas, there’s not even a whiff of Haight-Ashbury in this pillow’s light design.

3. Tie-dye Duvet Cover

Tie-dye duvet home decor print.

Image: One Kings Lane

This pretty purple and white tie-dye duvet cover is from Diane Von Furstenberg and it’s very hip and chic, just like her famous wrap dresses.

4. Ikat Sofa

Example of ikat home decor print.

Image: Anthropologie

To incorporate some modern ikat into your home, this two-color ikat sofa can add bit of texture and freshness, and is completely on trend.

5. Ikat Duvet Cover

Ikat home decor print.

Image: WestElm

Here’s another duvet option, this one from West Elm, featuring a gorgeous three-color linked ikat pattern.

6. Ikat Curtains

Ikat curtain.

Image: maisonboutique

And for the windows, how about these gray, yellow, white, and chocolate brown window panels? Make a statement and add a playful vibe to your home.

7. Shibori Tie-dye Sheets

Shibori tie-dye home decor print.

Image: riversidetoolanddye

How would you like to climb into these relaxing shibori tie-dye sheets at the end of a long day? I sure would! They are gorgeous and calming.

Top Image: West Elm

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