5 DIY Craft Skills to Learn This Summer

5 Crafty DIY Skills to Learn This Summer

Put the warm days and long nights of summer to good use by learning some new DIY craft skills.

Summer is a wonderful time to be lazy and do nothing, but also an excellent opportunity to take the time to make something. Put those warm days and long nights to good use by learning some new DIY craft skills. Here are some of our favorite creative projects — some can even be done while laying in a hammock.

Make T-shirt Yarn
Image: ar.nieza

1. Make T-shirt Yarn
We all have an abundance of old tees laying around the house. Put them to good use by making them into something useful — T-shirt yarn. It’s simple and you’ll actually end up with a ball of soft (just like your favorite tee) continuous yarn that you can then use to crochet, knit or knot. Check out this video tutorial by Relevé Design to learn how.

Learn to Crochet
Image: sukigirl74

2. Learn to Crochet
No disrespect to knitting, but crocheting feels more like a summer skill. You barely need any supplies and it can be done anywhere (even in the hammock). Make a cute bikini, a patio stool cover or put that T-shirt yarn you just made to good use! Vogue knitting will teach you the basics.

Make Friendship Bracelets
Image: Honestly WTF

3. Make Friendship Bracelets
Remember how much fun you had with these when you were a kid? Well, friendship bracelets are still just as fun to make (and wear). Once you master the technique, demonstrated here by Honestly WTF, you can start playing around with different color variations, thicknesses, decorations and bling. The possibilities are endless. Make sure to actually make some for your friends, because they’ll want some.

Make Prints
Image: Mr. Kate

4. Make Prints
Printmaking is a fine art, but it’s also very DIYable. With a bit of creativity anything can turn into a stamp or a canvas. Make some fine art for your walls using acrylic paint to print, swap it out for fabric paint and spruce up a few old garments or make a nice set of invites for your next summer soirée — the sky is the limit. Check out this easy printmaking tutorial by Mr. Kate for some really nice tips.

Learn Canning
Image: Serious Eats

5. Say ‘Yes I Can’
If you’ve ever tried growing your own tomatoes, you’ll know that time when they all seem to be ripe at the same time, forming a massive mountain impossible to eat your way through. Instead of letting them go bad, can them — or any other fruit and vegetable for that matter. It’s easy, fulfilling and will save you lots on money come winter. Invite your friends over for a canning party to get some extra hands. Serious Eats has a good beginner’s guide to canning.

Top image by Mr. Kate

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