5 Light-Blocking Eye Masks to Make It Dark AF Every Night

5 Eye Masks to Wear While You Snooze

Help your body snooze through the world’s inescapable light pollution by investing in effective, but cute, light-blocking eye masks.

If you’re a sensitive sleeper, you probably hate nighttime light. The ambient light your nightlight and clock emit. That glowing orb you still see through your super-heavy curtains. It all, basically, sucks. But you don’t have to suffer through it. Light-blocking eye masks do the trick. Every. Single. Time.

Eye masks don't have to be expensive.

1. The inexpensive choice

Goddess bless Earth Therapeutics. The brand’s products are inexpensive and quality, especially for the price. For example: the celestial eye mask. First, we love its cute design. It’s perfect for the moon queen in all of us. This affordable mask also features cotton and silk—a fine fabric combination for people with sensitive skin. The Rx3 Soft and Smooth Shut Eye Mask is priced at $9. Find it at Ulta or most other drug and grocery stores.

Eye masks that are DIY are fun.

2. The DIY choice

Etsy is filled with amazing DIY eye masks, but we’re smitten with this olive green eye mask. This sleep aid is made of cotton and features an elastic band. The mask’s message—But First, Coffee—rings really true to us and is embroidered on the mask’s front. Priced at $24 from Etsy store Jennicakes.


3. The tech choice

Leave it to the Sharper Image to sell a mask that’s ideal for light and noise blocking. The Total Sleep Mask features a no-pressure eye guard that blocks light and memory foam ear packs to reduce noise. The mask even includes ear plugs and ear plug pockets! Perfect for really restless sleepers, or sleepers with loud bedmates. Made of soft, breathable bamboo and priced at $49.99.

Eye masks can make you even more beautiful.

4. The beauty-centric choice

Yes, you can actually buy sleep eye masks that having anti-aging properties. One such mask is the Binchotan Charcoal Eye Mask. It’s said to relieve eye fatigue and improve blood circulation via activated charcoal. In addition to featuring micro-fine charcoal powder that’s infused into the mask’s organic cotton, it also is made of satin. Features an adjustable band that fits around the head. Priced at $23 from Peach & Lily.

Eye masks can smell great.

5. The aromatherapy choice

If you tend to sleep better with the aid of aromatherapy, consider investing in a mask with aromatic properties. The above mask from Aromatherapy Associates contains one of the most calming aromatic properties on Earth: lavender. The mask is super-soft—it’s crafted from cotton-velvet—and incredibly cute to boot. Priced at $80 from Net-A-Porter.

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