5 Fantastic Cat Gifts for Cats (and Their Humans) This Season

Cat gifts for cats and their humans.

The purrfect cat gifts to give the cats and cat people on your list.

I honestly don’t need anything this holiday season. My cats, on the other hand, they could use some new toys, treats, a window seat, and a fresh scratching pad. Our household is a cat household, and we would so rather receive gifts for our cats (currently three of the furry critters) than be gifted with presents for ourselves. Not to sound ungrateful or anything, we are just really into our furry roommates. We even signed up for one of the cat subscriptions, for a time, but the cats were unhappy with the variety of products offered.

If you have any crazy cat ladies or cat dudes on your holiday list, it’s not too late to order up one of these thoughtful cat gifts for your favorite cats, and for their humans too.

Cat Gifts for the Holiday Season

Cat gifts for cats and their humans.

1. Cat Treadmill – It may be a little bit pricey at $249, but every cat and cat lover will love this gift, and you probably won’t need to buy another gift for your cat lover friend for like four years. We love this idea to help keep kitty healthy and engaged.

Cat gifts for cats and their humans.

2. “Catify to Satisfy: Simple Solutions for Creating a Cat-Friendly Home” – If you aren’t familiar with Jackson Galaxy, well then you probably don’t have cats as pets. Galaxy is the Cesar Millan to cats. A Jackson Galaxy book would be a great gift for any cat lover.

Cat gifts for cats and their humans.

3. Gazebo Outdoor Pet Playpen – Cats love the outdoors, but the birds don’t love the cats being outdoors–not to mention the big wide open can be a dangerous place for our furry friends. The solution is an outdoor playpen to allow kitties outdoor time but in a safe and responsible way.

Cat gifts for cats and their humans.

4. Music for Cats – Music for Cats features the first-ever music scientifically proven to enrich cats’ lives. It’s available for purchase, and you can buy a whole album or just one song, either as a digital download or for the iPhone.

Cat gifts for cats and their humans.

5. Kitty Hammock – The cat crib is a place where kitty can hideout and sleep–and it fits under virtually any chair. It’s a great alternative for keeping cats from sleeping on the chairs–a gift for cats and the humans who clean up after them.

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