7 Fabulous Feline Cat Art Prints for Cat Lovers

Art prints for cat people.

Are you one of those cat people? Here’s some car art prints just for you!

No one understand us cat people, except other cat people, of course. Dog people don’t get us. People who aren’t into pets don’t get us. And honestly, we don’t care as long as our cats get us. That’s an inside joke for all you cat people, because anyone with a cat knows your cat couldn’t care less about getting you–it’s all about getting them. Cat people, am I not right about that?

If you are a (crazy) cat person, here’s some fun and fabulous feline art for you. Decorate your  your abode to warn all who may enter that your home is a cat zone where every service is covered with cat hair and every glass of water left attended is fair game for your kitty. Some of these fun cat art prints can even act as guides for your visitors to interact your furry felines.

So, take some time away from your cat video watching and making homemade cat toys and check out these suggestions for art for cat people.

7 Art Prints for (Crazy) Cat People

Art prints for cat people.

Image: PopDoggie

1. Cats Being Cats – As anyone with a cat knows, cats will do their own thing no matter what.

Art prints for cat people.

Image: BySamantha

2. Keep Calm and Love Cats – Cats are one of the main ways I decompress. Have a bad day, spend time with a kitty and it will roll off your shoulders.

Art prints for cat people.

Image: DecisionandRevision

3. If You Died… – Aww, that’s love. Cats are carnivores after all.

Art prints for cat people.

Image: TheArtyApples

4. Cat Rules  – In case you were wondering, cats really do rule the world.

Art prints for cat people.

Image: StacieSwift

5. Crazy Cat Lady – You might as well just get it out in the open, it will make you feel better.

Art prints for cat people.

Image: CubaLakeCrafts

6. Please, Don’t Leave Drinks Unattended. [The cat is an asshole] – How many times have you cleaned up a perfectly fresh glass of water because your cat came over and knocked it over–just because?

Art prints for cat people.

Image: WhereisAlex

7. Cat Nap – Finally, a print to remind us of how sweet and adorable can be be when they are sleeping.

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