5 Father’s Day Gifts for Green Gadget Loving Guys

We've got a lot of green Father's day gifts for the Earth-loving guy.

Attention: Your dad does NOT need another wallet. He would, however, enjoy any of these killer Father’s Day gifts we’ve listed below.

Father's Day Gifts, clock

1. BioBrite Sunrise Clock

Everybody has to wake up early at one time or another, but your dad is, like, the worst early riser ever. Help him greet the day (and end the day) in a chill manner by gifting the sunrise alarm clock. The clock features a “sunrise” setting that gently wakes you, and a sunset setting that signals your body to wind down at the end of the day. Priced at $121.10 at Amazon.

Father's Day Gifts, home brewing

2. Starter Home Brewery with Organic 7 Bridges Red Ale Ingredients

If your dad loves working with his hands, ingesting organic ingredients, and cool brews on a hot day, he’ll flip for this starter home brewery kit. This kit contains everything your pop ever wanted to know about home brewing, and also includes the ingredients to make the organic 7 Bridges Red Ale (a West Coast Microbrew Style Red Amber Ale). If your dad doesn’t dig beer, consider getting him some sustainable liquor.

Father's Day Gifts, garden

Photo: Edyn Facebook page

3. Edyn garden tracker

If your dad grumbles and moans about how his plants never turn out the way he wants, invest in Edyn. Edyn is a “smart garden system that monitors and tracks environmental conditions,” which makes it easier for your dad to help his plants thrive. The system features a sensor, water valve (both items come to $159.98), and a companion app. Also: the sensor is charged by the sun. Be advised that this gift won’t come for a while as it’s only currently available for pre-order.

Father's Day Gifts, Light Phone

Image: Light Phone Kickstarter

4. The Light Phone

If your dad is battling a smartphone addiction, this just may be the perfect gift for him. According to Popular Mechanics, “The Light Phone used in conjunction with a smartphone, with the connected device forwarding calls on via a companion app, but the inclusion of a SIM card slot means it works independently.” This is another gadget that isn’t available quite yet, but a $100 pledge will help the project get funded via Kickstarter (and get you a phone).

Father's Day Gifts, cord

Image: Blue Lounge

5. Portiko

This last gift is delightfully simple, but incredibly useful (and perfect for the dad who has to make a lot of national trips). The Portiko features a 6-foot extension cord that has two outlets, and two USB ports. Never again will a tech device go uncharged. This gift comes from Blue Lounge and is priced at $24.95.

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