5 Fun Ideas to Decorate Easter Eggs, Vegan Style

Decorate Easter Eggs, Vegan Style with 5 Fun Ideas

Whether you’re young, old, or somewhere in between, it’s always fun to celebrate the holidays by decorating Easter eggs, especially with an adult spin. Fortunately, a cruelty-free Easter is easier to come by than ever with five of the coolest vegan “egg” alternatives we’ve seen.

The billions of chickens used every year for their eggs endure ridiculous and unnecessary cruelty that, according to PETA, lasts for two whole years until they’re finally slaughtered for low-grade chicken meat. During that brief time they’re alive, though, their beaks are often seared off, the hens are stored in tiny cages where they’re unable to spread their wings, and they are manipulated into producing more eggs through artificial light and calorie restriction. If you’d like to find out more, visit PETA’s informative expose here.

So, now that you know why we’re suggesting an alternative Easter, we can begin to offer you some vegan substitutes that are more humane, more fun, more creative, and longer lasting. Gone are the days of contributing to unnecessary factory farm cruelty by boiling and dip-dyeing traditional Easter eggs, because ours are the perfect canvases for materials like glitter, acrylic paint, tissue paper, and more. These “eggs” will last on display for several seasons to come, and if done well, they’ll look like a dozen of the most beautiful designer decorations you never knew you could make!

1. Ceramic Eggs

Decorate Easter Eggs, Vegan Style with 5 Fun Ideas

EggNots is a newer ceramic product designed to look and feel like a real egg. It was developed as a solution for the founder’s niece and her food allergy to eggs, but eventually became a mainstream product that is perfect for vegans, traditionalists, hobbyists, and crafters.

The ceramic is actually able to be dyed, like a hen’s egg, but can also take other materials, like paints and decoupage, very well. There’s no mess or smell from boiling, no refrigeration required, and these can last for many years. The decorated result would look beautiful placed in a pretty bowl, in a glass jar, or nestled in a modern basket, plus the company also offers little decorative hangers that attach to the eggs for different display options.

2. Wooden Eggs

Decorate Easter Eggs, Vegan Style with 5 Fun Ideas

Wooden “eggs” have actually been around for quite some time, but can be easily overlooked as a fun way to decorate Easter eggs if you’re not familiar with the product. The set we found appear to be very well made and can be found at Snuggly Monkey’s shop on Etsy. The flat bottom allows them to stand on their own and they’re another great eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic ester eggs. These are great for painting, stamping, or wood burning, but can even be left in their natural state with a coat of non-toxic polish or sealant. Try painting half and leaving the other half unfished for a colorful look that still has a natural appeal.

3. “Plastic” Eggs

Decorate Easter Eggs, Vegan Style with 5 Fun Ideas

Eco Eggs are a hen’s and plastic egg alternative that are made in the USA completely out of plant material, which is 100 percent renewable and recyclable content, as opposed to their petroleum-based counterparts. Not only are they made locally, rather than overseas, but these colorful and nostalgic eggs can be filled with your favorite treats just like the plastic variety. These can be decorated, as well, with a little imagination and the right materials, like puffy paints, glitter, and rhinestones.

4. Papier Mache Eggs

Decorate Easter Eggs, Vegan Style with 5 Fun Ideas

Papier mache eggs can be purchased or homemade and offer another super solution to regular eggs. If you’d rather buy them so they’re ready to be decorated right away, then we’d suggest these from Amazon. Paint these, adorn these, decoupage these, or try out some washi tape for a fun result.

If you’d rather customize and prefill your papier mache eggs, then we suggest checking out this amazing and adorable tutorial from Not Martha. She uses water balloons to create the shape, tissue paper to cover the outside and a few other tricks to get these cuties just right, but the end result looks totally worth it.

5. Clay Eggs

Decorate Easter Eggs, Vegan Style with 5 Fun Ideas

Clay “eggs” are a little more difficult to find premade, which is why opting for a fun DIY project is probably the best alternative in this case. There are a couple of ways that we know of to make polymer clay eggs, one is with the use of a mold if you’re not feeling too confident in your egg shaping skills, and the other is simply by rolling the material around in your hands. We found a great silicone mold from Natural Republic on Etsy that will allow you to shape your clay in fun ways. And here on Raising Veg Kids there’s a non-toxic tutorial that calls for hand shaping complete with a simple clay recipe.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Easter egg alternatives and definitely want to see your holiday creations. Share them with us on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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