25 Awesome DIY Projects Made From Nature

Use nature in your diy projects.

Use nature to decorate your space with these gorgeous DIY projects.

Spring is an amazing time of year to combine two of my favorite things–nature and DIY.  My husband and I like to take walks at the local nature reserve near our home. We also like to garden and spend time out in our yard. I always pick up little items from my time in the yard and at the park–it’s a habit from childhood. I do it almost absentmindedly. When I come inside from being out in nature, I discover I’ve got quite a collection of natural souvenirs. These souvenirs might include a mini-pinecone, a gingko leaf and a bit of fern leaf in my pockets. Since I’m also a pretty crafty person, I often try to come up with clever DIY projects for which I can use these natural treasures to decorate my home.

There is something about nature that inspires my creative side and using natural objects as a medium in my DIY projects seems like a no-brainer for me. From the simple to the more complex, using some of my natural discoveries in DIY projects to decorate my home is a way to create a warm and inviting space and document some of my favorite outdoor adventures. You can get in on the fun too with these DIY projects. Use them as inspiration or follow the tutorials instruction by instruction to bring nature into your home.

From the backyard to your more far flung nature adventures, collect, preserve and incorporate nature into your home decor.

25 Made-from-Nature DIY Projects for Your Home

  1. Indoor Succulent Gardens
  2. Branch Candle Holders
  3. Crochet Covered Stones
  4. Painted Stick Wall Art
  5. Dried Flower Garland
  6. Tabletop Biosphere
  7. DIY Log Slice with Vase
  8. Tree Stump End Table
  9. Leaf Painted Wall Art
  10. 6 Ways to Decorate with Rocks
  11. Lighted Branches Wall Art
  12. Painted Fall Leaves
  13. Tree Branch Curtain Rod
  14. Pinecone Flowers
  15. Branch Weaving
  16. Moss Terrarium
  17. Bark Owls
  18. Natural Branch Coasters
  19. DIY Wood Texture Stamps
  20. Seashell Beeswax Candles
  21. DIY Veggie Stamps
  22. DIY Dreamcatcher
  23. Twig Coat Rack
  24. Living Moss Coffee Table Idea
  25. Spring Nature Frame

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