Gorgeous Watercolor DIY Home Decor Ideas

Clever watercolor diy home decor ideas.

Watercolor DIY home decor projects to get on trend with!

One of the more colorful and fun home decor trends for spring 2015 is incorporating the watercolor effect into your home. Think Georgia O’Keeffe or Thomas Moran, but not in a literal way. Instead this trend is all about bringing the texture, color and delicate lightness of being that is watercolor into your living spaces.

This DIY home decor trend is all about joie de vivre and one way to make that happen is to do-it-yourself. Sure, you can just buy watercolor pieces to add to your home, it’s a trend after all so watercolor items are ubiquitous in the home stores, but it is more fun to put your own stamp on things. Plus, it can be way more eco-friendly to repurpose and reuse than to purchase new–especially for a trend of which you may tire.

Watercolor Inspired DIY Home Decor Trend

  1. DIY Watercolor Wall Art – Paint your way into this DIY home decor trend with this super easy project for a pretty piece of wall art.
  2. Watercolor Desk Calendar – Use this printable calendar template to watercolor your own colorful watercolor calendar.
  3. DIY Watercolor Clock – Turn plywood and watercolor paints into a dreamy clock to brighten up your clock watching.
  4. Watercolor Pillow Covers – Repurpose old pillowcases into cool watercolor dripped throw pillow covers instead of tossing them or turning them into rags.
  5. Watercolor Pixel Painting – This clever project illustrates how to turn a photograph into a watercolor “pixel” painting. This would be very cool to do as a full wall mural!
  6. Watercolor Striped Bunting – Decorate your bedroom with this festive DIY watercolor bunting.
  7. DIY Watercolor Mugs – Decorate your own watercolor mugs for your next tea party.
  8. DIY Watercolor Candle Holders – Create a candlelit table centerpiece from a mess of watercolor votive candle holders.
  9. Watercolor Mobile – Create a pretty watercolor hanging mobile from cardstock and watercolor paints. It’s so amazing what you can create with the simplest materials.
  10. DIY Watercolor Faux Wallpaper – This tutorial outlines how to create a watercolor effect using regular wall paint.
  11. DIY Watercolor Striped Napkins – This simple home decor project shows how to make your own watercolor cloth napkins.

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