5 Gorgeous (Forewarning: Ridiculously Expensive) Designer Lamps


It’s official: I’m in love. No, not with a ruggedly handsome musician who also happens to compost in his backyard or a super-geek with a soft spot for design. I’m in love these fabulous and very pricey lamps. It’s not easy looking at dazzling décor pieces day after day, squelching the urge to whip out the credit card and charge up a storm, but somebody’s gotta do it. And a girl can still dream, right? Now that I’ve covered the sexy affordable lamps, here’s what our eyes – but maybe not our wallets – can handle.

  1. Twisted Vine Floor Lamp ($1,275 – pictured above)
    Natural vines and a simple burlap shade give this floor lamp its fabulously modern appeal.
  2. Metaform Conga Light ($700)
    This recycled light is handmade from FSC maple veneer for a natural look that evokes its namesake.
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  4. Celebrity Lamp ($1,600)
    Some of you may scoff at this lamp, but I like its sleek modern look. And nobody else I know owns a lamp made from 40 pairs of recycled aviator glasses!
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  6. Varaluz Aisen Collection Recycle Steel Floor Lamp ($854.91)
    Part sculpture, part light fixture, and thoroughly modern, this floor lamp makes quite the dramatic statement.
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  8. Spiral Floor Lamp ($2,630)
    With an alluring round shape perched on top of a tripod, this floor lamp is destined to become a conversation piece.
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