5 Groovy Streaming ’70s Television Shows: From ‘Newhart’ to ‘Mary Tyler Moore’

Bob Newhart

Hey, man, can you dig this? OK, OK — by “man” I mean our lovely readers, and by “dig this,” I mean would you like to watch a few 1970s sitcoms? If you think that sounds groovy, then continue reading to grab the links of some far out ’70s television shows.

A few ’70s television shows streaming on Netflix

1. “The Rockford Files“: Follow this well mannered, beach dwelling detective as he catches all sorts of bad dudes with the help of his pops, and good buddy. James Garner stars in this mid-1970s television favorite.

2. “Quincy, M.E.“: Who doesn’t love a medical drama? It’s a television formula that’s been tried and tested successfully through the decades. However, watching a ’70s medical drama can be a bit more entertaining because it’s so, well, uh, dated. Watch as Quincy, an L.A. coroner, investigates suspicious deaths.

Streaming shows to rent on Amazon

3. “The Bob Newhart Show“: This was one of my favorite “Nick at Night” finds as a kid. The show follows Bob Newhart, a friendly psychologist, as he lives his life. The things that make this show are Newhart’s deadpan humor and the stellar supporting cast. Watch for $1.99 a show.

’70s television shows streaming on Hulu Plus

4. “The Mary Tyler Moore Show“: Mary Richards, a 30-something single, is on her own and she loves it. This groundbreaking show is well known for its feminist storylines and its savvy female characters. The first three seasons of this show are streaming on Hulu Plus.

5. “The Brady Bunch“: Yes, this show is silly, but it’s pretty fun to watch and make fun of. Watch as the Brady children and parents get into incredibly mundane trouble while navigating their very polyester world. Watch 91 episodes on Hulu Plus.

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