5 Inspiring Spiritual Jewelry Brands that Make for Meaningful Gifts

Spiritual jewelry brands

Jewelry is more than just a complement to an outfit or a blatant signifier of wealth and status – it can be spiritual, and even a health-generator. These spiritual jewelry brands are harnessed with a sustainable and soulful twist, so you can benefit from your bling in more ways than one.

5 Spiritual Jewelry Brands

Akola1. The Akola Project

Born in 2007, the Akola Project began as a sustainable model to uplift women and children in Uganda. On a trip to Uganda as part of a team building an orphanage, founder Brittany Underwood was inspired by the Ugandan women she encountered who were caring for more than ten children at a time. Brittany realized that she could do more for the children in Uganda by employing and training local women. And so, Akola was born. The project reinvests 100 percent of donations and sales to the mission.

Each unique trinket represents a single woman and a single story and at an affordable price – most under $100.

asha-patel2. Asha Patel

Asha Patel jewelry is to be worn with intent. Each piece holds a spiritual blessing, be it found in a gemstone, symbol, japa mala, or number. Many of the designs are subtle and classic, while others are colorful and bawdy and truly make a statement.

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-9-21-01-am3. The Neshama Project

Rachel Tratt began the Neshama Project to honor her late mother. Her goal with Neshama is to help people find meaning in their everyday lives and to connect to something greater. Neshama means “soul” or “spirit” in Hebrew, and those are exactly what her designs are meant to elevate.

The hamsa hand symbol can be found in many of Neshama’s spiritual jewelry pieces. It symbolizes the hand of God and in all faiths, it is a protective sign that brings happiness, luck, health, and good fortune to the wearer.

Taylor Kinney4. Taylor Kenney Jewelry

Taylor Kenney Jewelry perfectly unites aesthetic and spirituality with handcrafted designs. The brand uses responsibly sourced gems and metals as well as 100 percent recycled silver. Each piece captures a sentiment that empowers you each time you wear it. My favorite is the Small Ibex Necklace, which symbolizes the ability to thrive in harsh circumstances.

Kirsten Muenster5. Kirsten Muenster

Kirsten Muenster prides herself in being an ethical metalsmith, using her practice as a voice to aid mining reform efforts. Her designs include ancient fossils, healing crystals, and earthy stones from such materials as fossilized fern, Botswana agate, pink tourmaline, quartz, and fossilized coral.

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