5 Mobile Apps for a Healthy Female Reproductive System

female reproductive system apps

Amid all the word games and photo-editing apps, we often forget that mobile technologies can also keep us healthy. Here are five mobile apps designed to keep the female reproductive system happy, all with a simple swipe on the smartphone.

1. Sexual Health Guide

For Android users, the Sexual Health Guide app provides readily accessible information on everything from the latest news to contraception, to male and female reproductive system problems. There is also a sexual health app for your iPhone, but it appears that this one focuses more on sexual problems that may arise in your sex life such as erectile dysfunction, concerns of infertility, and unplanned pregnancies.

2.  Sex Life 100+ Positions

While there are plenty of mobile apps which help you figure out which sexual positions to try, the Sex Life 100+ Positions app is less porny looking than the other apps in its category. This female reproductive system app provides options such as a random feature and a favorites, in case you want to mark something for later. The app does claim to be more contemporary than the other Kamasutra apps and boasts classic AND exciting sexual positions.

3.  My Pill Birth Control Reminder

Pulling out isn’t always an effective form of contraception, but neither is remembering a pill every day. There are tons of apps available to remind you take your birth control pill, but the My Pill Birth Control Reminder allows you to also track your period, set up discreet messages, and schedule yearly check-ups to help maintain a healthy female reproductive system.  This app also supports ring and patch forms of contraception.

4.  The Kegel Kat

Although probably not integral to keeping the female reproductive system healthy, kegels do play a part in keeping our systems happy. The Kegel Kat is actually a fun mobile app that reminds you to do your kegel exercises (because who remembers to do those anyway) and provides three modes: Daily Squeeze, Go Forever, and Dance Dance. You are able to earn points with different activities and can share your results with friends on Twitter. Kind of like Candy Crush, but more useful.

5.  Yoga for Better Sex

Yoga is well known for its sexual, mental, and physical health benefits. The Yoga for Better Sex app provides various yoga exercises, breathing exercises and information necessary in helping you relax and achieve better orgasms.

There are, of course, hundreds of other sex apps which claim to make our sex lives better, but in all reality, mobile apps are most useful in serving as reminders to stop for a second and focus on thoughts and activities designed to keep our female reproductive systems healthy and most of all, happy.

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