10 Ways Yoga Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Lessons in being limber. 

We all know yoga can spice up our sex lives right? But did you ever think of exactly how?

1. You will look hot in yoga pants, and your boyfriend will like that.

If you look hot, you feel sexier, and then it is just easier to feel good about getting naked. There are so many awesome yoga brands out there these days, you you don’t even have to do yoga to be wearing the pants. But it absolutely does help you look good in them.

2. Muscle control. Down under.

We yogis call this “mula bandha” or root lock. It makes all the difference to…ahm….control and sensation. Also, keeping the muscles of your pelvic floor working properly will mean you never have to worry about light bladder leakage.

3. You really might be able to put your legs behind your head.

I don’t think this needs much more explaining.

4. You will be able to be fully present and in the moment.

I’ve lost track of the times people have told me they can’t concentrate on sex because they are thinking (or worrying) about other things. Yoga teaches you to be present. Your lover will adore you for that. You will adore you for that.

5. You will develop a better relationship with your body.

Like any physical activity (running, say) yoga develops your proprioception – your felt sense of your body. Because of all the cues you get in yoga class to breathe and feel your body, you tend to develop a really deep, and generally far more accepting, connection with your body, regardless of what shape or size you are. And self-acceptance is super-sexy.

6. You will feel more relaxed.

I’m a big believer in the healing power of yoga. I’ve seen over and over how it helps people (starting with myself) deal with anxiety and depression, PTSD, and stress. Those things are major libido-killers.

7. You will end up eating better.

As you get more in touch your body, you will probably find that you want to eat things that make you feel well. A mixed bean salad and kale-ginger smoothies might start to appeal more than greasy takeaways. The healthier you eat, the healthier you will be, and the better you will look. The better you look, the sexier you will feel. See how this is an awesome feedback loop?

8. You will care so much less what people think.

Trust me, after you’ve done Lion Pose once or twice in public, you aren’t going to care about your orgasm-face anymore.

9. You will be a nicer person.

Yes you will. On account of all that relaxing, feeling good about your body and eating well. Which means the non-sex parts of your relationship will be better. Which means the sex will be better, because your partner will actually want to get it on with you. And, if you are not in a relationship, you will look hot in yoga pants. You know what I’m saying, right?

10. You will know when to say no. And when to say yes.

All this yogic getting-in-touch with yourself will help you develop better boundaries. So you will be able to figure out when you really don’t want sex, and honor that. But you will also be able to work out when you are tired which just might train you to have sex when you are tired, which is always good to learn…for you and your partner.

Nadine Fawell loves yoga, sex, coffee and cats. Not all at the same time. That would just be wrong. She managed to refrain from swearing on her DVD but sometimes gets inappropriate on her blog. You can find her at yogawithnadine.com.

Image: All is Coming