5 Must-Have London Fashion Looks from Vivienne Westwood Red Label

5 Must-Have London Fashion Looks from Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Compared to the recent luck of the American Northeast, the weather for London Fashion Week seems positively balmy. Perhaps the envy-worthy temperature of 48°F (for this cold New Yorker, anyway) is best attributed to the hot looks found on the runway over the past week.

Of no exception, of course, is the latest line from one of our favorite conscious designers, Vivienne Westwood, and her ceaselessly luminous Red Label. At London Fashion Week, the designer’s Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection provided a welcome contrast to the murky, muddied gutter snow currently associated with the season, with models walking in striking, long pink skirts and bright, multi-dimensional fitted corsets.

From sweaters, to scarves, to skirts, we selected the label’s five looks from London Fashion Week most likely to put a spring in our step.

1. 5 Must-Have London Fashion Looks from Vivienne Westwood Red Label

No matter what the season, there’s something about a red dress. It always stands out and, whether a party or professional setting, it’s fit for nearly any occasion. Vivienne Westwood got the memo, and incorporated this sweeping, fire-engine-red frock into her most recent show. Boldly paired with chunky gold jewelry on the runway, accessorizing this dress could go in more than one direction, with silver pieces chicly contrasting the fabric. When the snow starts to thaw, the flowing skirt will beautifully top a pair of open-toed heels or sandals.

2. 5 Must-Have London Fashion Looks from Vivienne Westwood Red Label

There are fewer pieces that scream “Quintessential London Fashion” more than a navy blazer or jacket. Paired here with a bright scarf and what could be either a little black dress or skirt, it makes for a look that seamlessly combines regional classics with a modern feel. It’s suspected that only the brave will get away with the runway-appropriate knee socks and ankle straps; for the rest of us, thigh-high boots and tights will do nicely with an outfit like this one.

3. 5 Must-Have London Fashion Looks from Vivienne Westwood Red Label

What better way to infuse the winter season with the bright spirit of summer than with a mustard yellow cowl-neck sweater? Matched with an identically-hued skirt, this look cozies up to an oversized men’s blazer to compose an outfit well-placed in environments ranging from the office to the bar. The animal-print shoes throw in a dash of fun to contrast the staunchness of the jacket, reflecting Westwood’s tendency, this season, to intersect masculine and feminine elements.

4. 5 Must-Have London Fashion Looks from Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Vivienne Westwood is a master of showing us the cool girl: The one who can get away with the simplest pairing of pieces for a look that’s at once flawlessly trendy, as if to also say, “Oh, this old thing? It’s just my Red Label sweater.”  This plaid skirt, olive sweater combo is practically a uniform for the girl who doesn’t mind if the hues of her clothing items don’t exactly match; she knows she looks good, and is so self-assured that she’s perfectly confident wearing flats. Yes, this London Fashion Week look is best assigned to your officemate dubbed the “friend crush”: The one you’re too nervous to ask to lunch, but once you get to know her, will happily drunk-dial your ex for you.

5. 5 Must-Have London Fashion Looks from Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Ask anyone at London Fashion Week: Disco is not dead. Silver metallics reminiscent of the 1970s have been surfacing on numerous areas of the runway; if not on the set or backdrop, then on the models.  This dress is as well-suited to any urban cocktail lounge today as it would be in “American Hustle,” especially when paired with such fabulously retro sunglasses. The accessories define the mood; the animal-print flats worn here create a smooth, comfortable look uncomplicated by the distraction of, for example, stilettos, and free of any walk-of-shame connotations.

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