5 Questions to Help You Uncover Your Dream Life

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Living intentionally means constantly taking steps to live your dream life. It’s about setting your life up in a way that fits your preferences instead of just going through the motions and then waking up one morning and wondering how you got where you are. Life can be unpredictable but by answering these questions you can strive for your dream life.

1. Where do you want to live?

You don’t have to answer this question with a specific place. This is about understanding your preferences. Do you like warmer weather? The downside to warmer weather is that in the summer it can get extra hot. Do you require all four seasons or is the tropical life for you? What kind of a cost of living can you afford? If you live in an expensive place you have to work harder to support your lifestyle. Do you prefer large cities? What about living abroad? If so, do you speak another language? While it seems like a simple question, there should be a lot of thought tied up in your answer.

2. How big of a family do you want?

The larger the family, the more you have to work to support them and the harder it is to travel. Smaller families lead to more mobility but at the same time, they’re not quite as exciting. If you want to continue working full time, the size of your family is also important. Larger families mean built-in companionship but at the same time, they can take a toll on relationships.

3. How important is travel?

Maybe living in one place isn’t even on your radar. Instead, you’d prefer longterm travel. If you love to travel then you have to set aside constant money to fulfill your dreams not to mention that you need a companion who also loves to travel. If you’re traveling constantly you may prefer a job that allows you to work remotely.

4. Are you independent?

Some people are more independent than others. To be completely honest, I need to be around people rather constantly. And since I work independently, I have to set up my life so that weekly social outings meet this need. But others are way more independent, which means they can work and travel alone. They don’t need to go to an office and constant social interactions can actually drain them of energy.

5. What qualities in a person are important to you?

What qualities do you really respect in other people? For example, I really enjoy people who are optimistic and are constantly able to show gratitude. I also strive to surround myself with people that don’t judge others and are very slow to speak negatively about others. These are qualities that I crave and want to see in myself so I surround myself with these sorts of people. And each morning I meditate on the importance of optimism and not being judgmental. I’m certainly not there yet but lately I’ve found it easier and easier to look on the bright side and give people a break.

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