5 Signs You’re Living On Purpose (and Loving It)

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Living on purpose means you have that extra spring in your step to succeed each and everyday. Even when you have bad days, you’re excited for the next opportunity to dive right in and try again.

I remember when I first decided that I wanted to be a full time writer. It was when I realized I was spending eight hours a day doing something that I didn’t care about. I had posters of far off places on my walls that I used to imagine I was visiting in my mind throughout my day. I finally realized spending my day doing something that wasn’t personally meaningful to me just wouldn’t cut it.  I wanted to ensure I was living on purpose.

That’s when I took the plunge into full time writing. That was six years ago and truth be told, I haven’t looked back since. Are you living on purpose?

5 Signs That You’re Living On Purpose

1. You’re excited to start the day.

If you’re living on purpose, you don’t dread heading to work in the morning. In fact, you thrive in your environment whatever it is. While work is still work, you’re excited to dive in and accomplish the tasks at hand.

2. You’re goal oriented.

When you’re living with purpose, you’re constantly working toward a goal and you don’t quit until you get done what needs to be done that day.

3. You work a little everyday.

If you love what you do, getting a little done here and there on the weekends isn’t any big deal. It’s not that you’re overworked, rather, it’s that there’s no real weekend.

4. You’re not afraid to fail.

Part of living your best life is not being afraid when things don’t work out and being willing to start all over again. If your dream is to start a health foods store, you’re willing to take the plunge, whatever the risk. If you’re saving to travel the world and your car breaks down, you give up cable and start stashing cash once again. Whatever it takes to realize your dream, you’re unafraid.

5. You’ve stopped comparing yourself to others.

What you want in life may not be what your friends from college want. That’s fine. And it’s why comparing yourself to those around you is a waste. Comparison only brings you down and takes precious energy away from living your purpose.

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