5 Streaming Documentaries that Will Inspire Anyone to Live Sustainably

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This week, we’re sharing 5 streaming documentaries about living sustainably that will make a stubborn friend or relative see that it may be worth her while to eat local, and ditch the Roundup.

Everyone has a friend, or a family member who is totally convinced that the world is fine. Global warming? NBD. Conservation? Don’t bother! Pesticide use? Well, it makes the grass greener, so I’m OK with it. But these documentaries illustrate another reality.

Streaming on Netflix

1. “Tiny: A Story About Living Small”: This documentary follows a young couple as they build a small house. Oh, and did I mention that the enviro-duo has absolutely no construction experience? Free streaming with a subscription.

Streaming on Amazon

2. “I Am”: This thoughtful documentary follows Tom Shadyac, the film’s director, as he travels the world to discover how humans can live better. He seeks advice from spiritual and intellectual leaders during his journey. This film is available to rent from $3.99-4.99.

3. “Ingredients”: This stellar doc examines the farm-to-table movement. It also examines how local food movements, typically supported by chefs, farmers and activists, are slowly but surly changing the food system for the better. Cut up some fresh veggies and chow down while watching this inspiring film.

Streaming on Vudu

4. “Food Stamped”: In this documentary, Shira Potash, nutritionist, and Yoav, her husband, try to eat a healthy diet on a food stamp budget. The duo speaks with members of congress, nutrition experts, food stamp recipients and food justice advocates to get the real scoop on the lifestyle they’re documenting. Available to rent for $2.99.

Streaming on Hulu

5. “Vanishing of the Bees”: In this documentary, David Hackenberg and Dave Mendes, commercial beekeepers, struggle to keep bees healthy as they trek across the United States to fulfill their pollination contracts. The film also examines why honeybees are disappearing all over the world. Scientists and organic beekeepers give their guesses as to what is causing the baffling disappearances, but no clear “final” answer is ever found. Streaming for free.

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