5 Sustainable Brands Dedicated to Upcycled Fashion: Friday Finds

These cute upcycle pieces need to be in your closet.

We’re all fashionable here. But we hate—hate—waste. That’s why we’re so smitten with the following 5 sustainable brands that make amazing, upcycled pieces.

Upcycled pieces can be simple and cute.

1. Tonle, maxi skirt

Don’t get me wrong—I love form fitting clothing. But sometimes, all I want to do is put on a comfortable skirt that’s simple, loose and effortlessly fashionable. Tonle, a clothing brand that’s dedicated to making handmade pieces with scraps sourced from mass clothing manufacturers, has designed that perfect, effortless skirt. This brand, which makes one-of-a-kind pieces, believes that every thread matters, so you can rest assured knowing that this subtle skirt was made with care. Priced at $32.

Upcycled pieces can be elegant, too.

2. Titania Inglis, robe

Titania Inglis makes minimalist clothing that is kind to the environment. All of the brand’s clothing is constructed at a family-owned factory in New York. Its pieces are high-quality and remain low-impact—the creators use everything from Japanese organic cotton to dead stock wool taken from the local garment industry. While this is pricey for a robe ($295), we love that it oozes elegance, and is made with organic cotton.

Some of the most useful bags are upcycled pieces.

3. TRMTAB, weekender bag

Every collection that TRMTAB makes is handcrafted by people in Northern India and created from upcycled leather trims. All trims are unique, so each piece the brand makes is equally unique, too. We love TRMTAB’s weekender bag—it’s perfect for all the travel you’ll do during the upcoming holidays. This piece is made from durable, waxed canvas and upcycled genuine leather. Priced at $184.

Upcycled pieces can be worn every day.

4. Kitty Ferreira, pants

Kitty Ferreira knows how to make items that are sustainable, chic and 100 percent ethical. The brand uses upcycled materials from the UK and Britain. It also uses herbal dye and Organic Peace Silks for silk pieces. These elegant pants are made with 100 percent upcycled wool. Priced at $216.

Upcycled pieces for the winter.

5. Tara St James, sweater

Tara St James knows the importance of sustainability. The designer makes pieces that are ethical and fully fashionable. The sweater shown above is made from hand-cut fabric scraps taken from the brand’s Twist Dress. This piece is hand-woven by the Brooklyn Weavers Guild at Weaving Hand. It has a boxy, boatneck cut and features fringe. Priced at $445.

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