5 Vegan Clothing Brands We Love (Shoes and Bags, Too!): Friday Finds

Vegan brands are full of amazing pieces.

If you are about to embark on a vegan lifestyle, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you—fun and meaningful work—but work all the same. You’ve probably already figured out a meal plan, but may not have had the time to search for clothing, accessories, and shoe brands that are cruelty-free. So, we’ve rounded up 5 vegan clothing brands that have gorgeous pieces.

Vegan brands are filled with amazing coats.

1. Vaute Couture

Vaute Couture was founded by Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart. Hilgart has always had a soft spot in her heart for animals. When she was only 12, she made a school project called “Being Cruel Isn’t Cool” that depicted the horrors of the fur industry, etc. Hilgart has come a long way since then—her company is in its seventh successful year and proudly holds the title of being the world’s first all-vegan fashion brand. While we’re mad about all of Vaute’s pieces, this coat struck a chord in our hearts. After all, winter isn’t that far away… Priced at $325.

Fashionable vegan brands design amazing shirts.

2. Delikate Rayne

Meg and Komie Vora founded Delicate Rayne in 2013. The sisters operate their family-owned business in Los Angeles, California, to help combat fast fashion. When creating the cruelty-free line—they both are life-long vegetarians—the duo infused the pieces with East Indian influences. We’re smitten with the line’s Black Slit Back Blouse. It’s semi-sheer and has a silky feel. It’s shorter in the front and longer in the back, has a relaxed fit and is priced at $320.

Bags from vegan brands are functional and beautiful.

3. Freedom of Animals

Freedom of Animals was founded in 2012 by Morgan Bogle. Bogle also works very closely with her photographer boyfriend, Scott McDonough. Bogle’s line is fully sustainable and cruelty-free. The brand strictly makes bags made out of high-quality fabrics, as well as polyurethane, organic cotton, vegetable-based dyes, and plastic water bottle lining. The New York company names most of its bags after orphaned elephants. We like that this bag is roomy and also adore its simple design. Use this bag on rainy days as it’s water resistant. Priced at $180.

Vegan brands are often fashion-forward.

4. Saved Kisses

This incredibly modern brand was founded by Alyssa Flynn when she was 27 years old. She studied entrepreneurship at Babson College and took courses at the Boston School of Fashion design. Flynn created the brand to prove she could make American-made, eco-friendly clothing that honors animal welfare. We chose to highlight Saved Kisses’ pantsuit because it’s sleek, stylish and fun. It has a defined waist and wide legs. Priced at $289.

Vegan brands that make boots are amazing.

5. Vegetarian Shoes

This UK brand was founded by Robin Webb in 1990. At first, Webb only made shoes with his own two hands and only made one shoe—a simple lace-up. Since the shop’s start, he has added many new shoes to his line and now uses European and English factories, and one co-op that’s been operating since 1881. We love Veggie Shoes’ boots because they are sturdy, made from quality material and totally leather-free—a boot trait that’s hard to find. Priced at $132.

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